Sunday, October 15, 2006

I made it through the night

Well, I survived the sleep over. I can not believe I made it but I did. I have to say that I will probably never do that again for as long as I live. Hee Hee

My son had THE best time ever. We arrived at the Science Museum at 5pm. Of course we had to be the first ones there and the place was hugh. It is a mansion that was built in 1903 by a women who bred dogs for Kings and Queens for the Fox Hunts. The place was awesome. The other 7 boys arrived with a whirlwind. We feed them dinner and then the fun began. The science teacher that was the guide had them in an uproar. They saw all kinds of rocks, and even got to paint some of them. Then they all made there own volcano's. Even got to see one erupt. That was great to see. So at this point I am like "ok, this isn't that bad". No sooner did that thought enter my mind we were suited up and out into the woods for our 9pm pitch black nature walk. Hellooooooooo, it was like 10 degrees out. Out of the 10 flashlights, 2 worked. Yeah, dark, very very dark. The boys got to build a camp fire and out came the marshmallows. Did you ever try to get burnt marshmallows off your hands and clothes. Not a pretty sight. Anyway, back into the woods we went after an hour. Hiked deep into the woods trying to get back to the mansion. Finally get back and it's below zero inside. Finally get the boys ready for bed and realized that I forgot our pillows. Soooo, not only did I have to sleep on the cold hardwood floor but I had no pillows. So I rolled up sweatshirts for my son to use and I used my arms. Needless to say that I DID NOT sleep at all. A few of the boys kept kicking off their blankets and I kept getting up and covering them. 2 fathers showed up instead of the mothers and they were the first ones to go to sleep. Of course it was their sons that kept kicking off the blankets. 7 am did not come quick enough for me. 8 am we were hiking to the beach. Mind you no coffee and no sleep, I was not a happy camper. 9:30 am we were on our way home. My husband will be on sleepovers from this day forward.
My son had a soccer game today and I have to say they got beat really bad. But my son scored the only goal for his team today. I have no voice left. He really is very funny. After he scored the goal he ran up the field with the biggest grin on his face. He really loves soccer and he's really good at it too. His last game he scored 2 goals for his team. Can you tell I am really proud of him.
Until next time...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Wow, a long time has pasted

I can't believe this long has past since I was last here. So many things are going on this past month. We have been so very busy with our son. He is involved with so many different things and having the time of his life. His name was in the local paper for the first time last week. MVP for his soccer game. He is so very excited. Now as most of you know I am Den Leader for his Cub Scout Troop. We are having a sleepover Friday night at a Museum and I am so not looking forward to sleeping on the floor. None of the fathers are going, just the moms. My husband is so upset over this. He wanted to go, but can't b/c it is only moms. We signed our son up for this so that the "boys" can do this stuff together. Oh well, I'll let you all know how my back feels on Saturday. HAHA
Anyway, good things are happening for us on the adoption journey, but will post about them at a later date. I will be back again soon. Until then...