Monday, December 10, 2007

FCC-LI Holiday Party

LilyRose, Santa & Joseph

Joseph with his funky hat

The Girls


Anthony - Cotton Eye Joe

LilyRose Dancing


Joseph & LilyRose

Emily & LilyRose

My Family

Yesterday was a great day for us. The FCC-LI group had their annual Holiday Party and it was awesome. We had a blast seeing all of our friends and we even made some new ones. Joseph and LilyRose had a good time too. By the end of the day, LilyRose looked liked she hadn't slept in weeks. We were amazed, but she didn't cry when she went to see Santa. Maybe it was because her big brother Joseph went up with her. She's not afraid of anything when her big brother is with her. Just think, this time next year she will have 2 big brothers to protect her...

That's right. We have a new son. His name is Jack Anthony and right now he lives in Vietnam. We are hoping to travel to bring him home by April or May 2008. He will be 8 years old in March and we couldn't be happier. Here is the link to his blog:

I have posted a picture of him and will be updating his site again today. Please stop by and leave us a comment, so that Jack can see how loved he really is. Please don't forget to leave a comment here for LilyRose and Joseph too. I guess I will have to make a blog for Joe now too.