Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chenzhou Bithday / Christmas Cards

The Front Cover

LilyRose's Page

Paul's Page

Lainie's Page

Makayla's Page

MeiLi's Page

Jayde's Page

YuMei's Page

LilyRose received some birthday cards from other children that were in the same SWI around the same time as she was. We will hopefully exchange birthday and Christmas cards every year so that she has that connection to her very first home. I decided to make a scrapbook so that she could look at the cards and pictures of her Chenzhou sisters and brother. I think it came out pretty good. There's 10 families including LilyRose. I am missing 3 cards and hope to receive them someday soon. Here are the pictures of the book. Let me know what you think about the job I did. Some of the pictures are blurry, sorry about that.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


We were invited to a BBQ at Vicky and Chris' house. They are the very proud parents of Emily. Emily is from Hunan just like LilyRose. I met them through the local FCC-LI group. I instantly connected with Vicky. We are alot alike and our daughters share a striking resemblance to each other. Everyone that see them notices it. No, that are not twins or anything, but they sure do resemble each other.

Well anyway, they came to LilyRose's b'day party and my husband Anthony and Vicky's husband Chris hit it off and they invited us out for the day. They actually live down the road from my cousins farm out east. We had a really good time and Joseph got to go in the pool. It was heated and like 85 degrees. He had a good time. Emily loved playing with Joseph and I think LilyRose kinda was like "Hey, that's my big brother". LilyRose does not know how to share that well yet!!!
It was a very nice day and we hope to get together a lot more in the future. Enjoy the pics and check out the cute little video of LilyRose and Emily dancing.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Party # 2

Wouldn't you know it. I am way behind again on posting. We had a 2nd party for LilyRose on September 9th for all her little friends and cousins. It turned out really nice. I had the big bouncy pit again for the older kids, but the little ones had a blast in it. I had Elmo stop by, but most of the kids were afraid. We had 3 little girls from the FCC-LI group here and how cute they all were. Nola Ann, Emily & Maya. Just love these little ones. LilyRose was so tired that right after we sang Happy Birthday, she fell fast asleep in the chair. It was really cute. I was super happy that my cousins Janeen & Kristi were able to come. They are on my fathers side of the family and I am so glad that we are able to maintain our connection since my father died 4 years ago. Our kids get along really well and they have a blast together. My other cousins were here also. Gina is a permanent fixture here. lol My cousin Gerard and his wife Elizabeth with their daughter Courtney who is absolutely gorgeous by the way were here, my cousin Michael and his wife Danielle along with their son Tyler (hey Ty, give me a pound) Cousins Siri, Kristi & Mark. Thanks for coming. But a big shout out goes to my very dear friend Liz. I have known Liz for almost 30 years. She was here with her daughter Valerie. Valerie is 2 months younger then LilyRose and I hope they will be able to say they know each other for 30+ years someday. I just love Liz. LilyRose had an awesome time and she has lots of family and friends that love her to pieces. Enjoy the pic.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Today our beautiful daughter LilyRose turns 2 years old.

I am so very thankful that we have her home and are able to celebrate this day with her. We will be home 7 months on the 16th of this month. WOW, time sure flies when you are having the time of your life.

LilyRose had her very first birthday party on Saturday night. I had just a few of the family over to help celebrate her birthday. I am having another party on September 9th for her little friends and my cousins that have children LilyRose's age. I have to say that I am glad I only had a few people here Saturday night as I was still so sick. I don't know what I had but it sure knocked me on my ass for 4 days. I got out of bed at 5:30pm and my company came at 6:00pm. Thank God for my mother and cousin Gina. They did most of the prep work for me and my mother even had to go and order the cake and stuff for me. I was in bad shape. I am feeling a lot better then I did a few days ago.

LilyRose had a really good time though. She got some great gifts too. My mother bought her a beautiful white table and chair set. LilyRose loves it. Her brother Joseph bought her a Yellow Care Bear and a Princess Tea Set which LilyRose loves playing with on her new table and chair set. Joseph also bought her the tiara that you will see in the pictures. Godmother Aunt Gina got her Diamond Stud Earrings. I was 38 when I got my first pair, go figure !!! Godfather Joe and Aunt Maryann got her a motorized Jeep, which she almost knows how to drive by herself, Gold Ball Earrings and the #2 Lenox Train. I cannot wait for Anthony to put up the shelves in LilyRose's room so I can get the train up and out. It's beautiful. She also got some cute clothes and she got a Magnetic Letters and numbers set. This gift came from my aunt that just passed away last week. My cousin Nancy had it for a while and the card was written out way before my aunt passed away. I just wish she gave me a heads up before I opened the card because it took me by surprise and I kinda lost it for a minute. It will be a great keep sake for LilyRose. She also got a Crayola Color Wonder which she loves.
Tonight we will have a little cake to celebrate her birthday with just us and then one more party on Sunday. I think LilyRose will love all her parties and all the fuss that is just for her. Can you believe the birthday girl just woke up and has a cold and a cough. I can't believe it. Oh, boy this is going to be fun. Oh well, I guess we will be spending some time in the doctors office today. Hope you enjoy the pictures.