Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Here are the pictures

Here are some of the pictures that we had taken in China. Changsha to be precise. I think they came out great and if you are going to Changsha and staying at the Dolton, this photography studio is right around the corner. It's called Guo Guo Ado and they do great work. Hope you enjoy.

Things are great here by the way and Lily Rose is a dream.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Home 1 week

Hi everyone.

So, we are home for 1 week and Lily Rose acts like she was born here. She has adjusted to her new home and family perfectly. Although she has a bad cold right now, it's not stopping her from having fun. I got some great pictures of Lily Rose and her brother, grandma, Uncle Ralph, great aunt, cousin and her godfather. We are waiting for godmother to return from Hawaii today. I am in awe everyday with Lily Rose. I can't picture my life before my kids. I love being a mom to 2.

Anthony went back to work on Tuesday and Joseph was still sick so it has been a slow week. We went out to Maryann and Joe's last night for dinner and Lily Rose fit right in. Other then the 3 big Labs that she was scared of, she had a great time there. She had the squeaky shoes on and when she walked the dogs where following her feet to see what the noise was. It was really cute. After a while she didn't have a problem with the black lab Shadow or the yellow lab Missy, but the brown lab Coco, well that was another story. She would walk sideways hoping that she wouldn't notice her. Funny is not the word to use for that one. Everyone that knows me knows I love Lenox. Well, Uncle Joe got Lily Rose the Lenox Birthday Train. It is gorgeous. She got the Engine and the 1st Birthday train and Uncle Joe will add to it each birthday. I absolutely love it.

This kid loves to eat. I mean she will eat anything you give her. When she see's my mother she knows that she could get something to eat. When my mother feeds her Lily Rose has to hold her hand. She doesn't do that with anyone else, just my mother. It's a special bond they have together. Joseph is still leary when he feeds her but he is getting better. She is a total momma's girl. LOVE IT!!!!!

She has been sleeping through the night for that last 3 or 4 nights. She usually sleeps to 7am. She is all over the crib though and never keeps the blankets on. I get up a few times each night to cover her. She is like her brother Joseph. He never keeps the blankets on either. Joseph is not to happy when Lily Rose goes into his room and she tries to get in there a lot. See, Joseph is a collector and he has a lot of stuff in his room and knows where everything is. If something is moved, he knows. He's getting better about it and yesterday Anthony and Joseph fixed up his room and put up more shelves and cleaned out 1 of his closets and the room looks great. They have one more closet to fix up and he's good to go. Maybe after that he will let Lily Rose in. We will see!!!!!

We are going to church today. Lets hope that Lily Rose is a good girl. Joseph was great when he went to church at her age. Lily Rose on the other hand is very noisy and likes to walk and talk to everyone. I'll let you know how that goes later on.

For all the family and friends that have called and I didn't get back to you yet, forgive me. It was a bonding week for me and the kids since Joseph was home from school and I was getting use to being back home. So I promise that I will return the phone calls this week coming up. I can't believe we are home 9 days today. It seems like it was a life time ago that we were in China. We showed my mother and Joseph and my cousin Nancy and my Aunt Mae the videos of our trip and when Gotcha Day came on Lily Rose stopped dead in her tracks when her nanny came on the screen and she walked over to the TV and just stared at her. I felt so bad for Lily Rose because I know she was upset. Let's face it, this women took care of her for most of her life and now she is on the other side of the world. I will be more careful the next time we watch the video. Well, I will end this here for now. Sorry it took so long to post again. Now for the pictures....

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bittersweet Homecoming

Well, we made it home.
We got up on Friday at 4:30 am and got ready to leave the hotel at 6am. Lily Rose really didn't like being up that early but she was a trooper. Our guide Connie met us at 6 am and off we went. I was so happy that I didn't mind (at the time) that I didn't have a cup of coffee. It was a very crappy morning. It was very, very foggy and we knew it was going to rain at some point. Anyway, we get to the airport and it was packed. I mean thousands of people. Tons of us with our babies just wanting to get home. So we check in and off to the first security point. Well I guess they were not in good moods because they pulled us off the line and made us check one of our carry ons. You see we had to buy 2 more small suitcases for all the stuff we bought. So thank god Connie was still in ear shot and she brought us bad to check in and cut this huge line and got our bag checked. She was a very funny girl and I really liked her. So we go back to the security and another guy wants to check our other bag that was checked by the first guy and I thought Connie was going to rip his head off. She was yelling at him and finally he let us through. Well that was not the last obstacle we had to go through. The next security check point was not any better. When I went through with Lily Rose I had a quarter in my pocket and boy you would think what was in my pocket. They had that freakin wade all over me, in here, over there and then on Lily Rose too. Well I really had a good laugh because when Anthony came through, they made him take his shoes off and he's sitting there and he's really pissed and he asking them if they want him to take his socks off too. then the belt had to come off and they had that freakin wade out again and it was working double time. So, ok we make it through that point. Now, we only have like 20 minutes to get to our gate and it on the other side of the airport. So we get one of those cars and they want money. So Anthony pulls out American money and they won't take it. So now we are searching for their money and I forgot that I had some so we took care of that. What ever happened to courtesy cars? Well, we then have to go through another security point and again, Anthony had to take his shoes off. Mind you we don't see anyone else going through this. So Anthony is now starting to call them all Lappers and such and we are getting frazzled by the minute. We finally get to the gate and just in time mind you. Now we give them the boarding pass and start to walk down that hallway and sure enough, there are some security people and they want our passports. Hello, we just went through 3 or 4 security points. I think if we weren't who we were suppose to be, someone would have picked it up by now, don't you? We finally get on the plane and it is full of American families going home with their babies. It was a great flight.
We get into Hong Kong and we had to walk miles and miles to the other side of the airport to check in for our flight home. By this time Anthony and I are not talking to each other. We are both so tired and I was just so focused on getting home to see my son who was not going to be at the airport because he was still sick and it was really cold out here in NY, so I was very upset over that and Anthony just didn't get it. So we finally check in and go to our gate and I finally get a cup of COFFEE. I took 3 or 4 sips and threw it out. There's nothing like Maxwell House coffee made in my kitchen. So we board the plane and it was a full house. I would say there was about 26 or 27 families with babies going home. Everyone had enough and didn't care who knew it. I thought I was the only one being so TRUTHFUL, but I was wrong. Lots of other families felt the same way we did. Anyway, we got lucky, the middle seat was empty for us and Lily Rose got to lay out and sleep. She was really good on the 15 hour flight. She never cried and talked up a storm to anyone that walked by and just had a great time. She loves Ritz crackers and ate most of the flight home. Well, the flight had lots of turbulence and it lasted most of the flight. At one point we were hitting air pockets and coming out of our seats. Scary is not the word I would use for that, but something way beyond that. I didn't sleep at all on the flight and I was exhausted and so not feeling well. We finally land and then had to go trough immigration which wasn't bad at all, but we had to wait for our luggage for a long time. I called Anthony's cousin Maryann who was picking us up with my cousin Gina and I asked her who else was with her because her husband Joe which is Lily Rose's Godfather was suppose to be there also, but with the weather he was working. So she tells me it's just her and Gina. We get all but one suitcase and we are waiting and waiting and I finally go up to see if I can see the other suitcase and after a while I see it. The bright orange sticker we put on it was missing and the thing was going round and round on the belt for who knows how long. We didn't know it was ours and so we wasted a 1/2 hour right there. So we are walking to where everyone is waiting and I see Maryann and Gina waving like nuts. So I have Lily Rose and Anthony has the 20 piece of luggage LOL and a man is walking kinda in front of me but just a little to my right side and all of a sudden I see this boy come out of nowhere and he's running towards us and I realized it was Joseph and I started screaming and I took off running and knocked the man right out of my way and Lily Rose is holding on for dear life and I am yelling Joseph's name and people must have thought I was nuts but I really didn't care one bit. I almost knocked Joseph down when I got to him. I couldn't let him go and Lily Rose was looking at us in amazement. It was the best feeling in the world to hold my son. When I finally could see I started crying all over again, because my son was holding onto me and crying his eyes out and all he kept saying to me was , "I can't believe your home and please don't leave me again." I still cry when I think about it. My cousin Gina was trying to video tape it all and she's shaking like a nut and crying and I had to laugh at her she was so funny. Maryann really pulled through for us and we are forever grateful to her. More then she knows. She called us everyday while we were in China and it was a lifesaver for me to hear her voice everyday. Of course we sat in traffic for a long time but finally we got home.
Now, there was a really big sign on the door that my son made and I have to get a picture of it and post it so you all can see what a great job he did. When my mother saw her granddaughter for the first time it was priceless. Lily Rose thought otherwise. She cried and wouldn't go to her. It was strange because she went to Gina and Maryann and I never saw a kid of any age not want to go to my mother. So I felt very bad for my mother. Lily Rose is still having a hard time going to my mother. So after a little while she had a ball checking out her new home. She walked all over my mothers house and then we brought her upstairs to our house and she absolutely loved her room. She loves all her toys and her dolls. She was pointing to all of them and talking to them. My friend Liz stopped by to say hello and see how my mother was doing. My mother is still very sick and so very sad. (I'll get to that in a minute) Lily Rose loves her big brother Joseph. She follows him around and likes to sit by him. Lily Rose let my mother feed her and she has sat on her lap for a little while and looks very content being there, but she still won't go to her when my mother holds out her arms. I know it will take time but....
Anyway, my mother made a big dinner and my brother came over to eat. I will now tell you why our homecoming was bittersweet and why my mother is so very sad. My brother left for Iraq on Saturday (the day after we got home) for a year. I will not get into why and all of that, but my mother can't handle it. We always felt horrible for the mothers and fathers who had children over there fighting this war and now we are one of those families.
I feel horrible because I got really sick and had to lay down and didn't get to spend much time with my brother Friday night. But I do know that he loves his new niece and from what I heard she loved him. They said she went to him and sat on his lap and talked to him. Thank god I got a picture of it. They woke me up when he was leaving and I wish they didn't because it was the saddest day for us. My mother was holding on to him and wouldn't let him out of the door and she was crying and begging him not to go and my brother is trying to hold it together and then he just lost it. It was crazy. Everyone is crying and she's not letting go and he had to pry her hands off of him and kinda ran out the door. There's my mother standing at the door and she aged 10 years right in front of us. I thought my mother was going to have a heart attack right there. She has a heart condition to begin with and this is really putting a strain on her. I think that is why Lily Rose is having a hard time attaching to her. She feels her sadness and she saw her crying and I think she is afraid. I hope that changes for my mothers sake. I want my daughter to love her like Joseph loves her. A few minutes after my brother left, Maryann and Joe came in. Joe wanted to see his new goddaughter. She went to him, no problem. They stayed a while and then left. We got everyone ready for bed and we all fell asleep. Lily Rose got up a few times, but went right back to sleep.
Saturday, we all felt a little better. We unpacked and I started to wash all the clothes. We had to go to the store and get somethings for Lily Rose. I went to Target and had to get her some clothes that fit her. I had to buy 12 months. The 18 months are big and the 12 months JUST fit her. I mean probably buy next month they won't, but I needed some stuff. Couldn't find that many winter things though. Oh well, I will improvise. One of her teeth came through and it was very painful for her. But she doing much better. She fell asleep at like 6:45 and Joseph fell asleep at like 7pm. I went to bed at 8pm, I was exhausted. Lily Rose got up a lot during the night but would go back to sleep after a while. I have been up since 3am and it is now 4:45am. I will post pictures of my family soon. Hope you enjoyed.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Our last night in China

Well, our journey has come to an end and we are going home tomorrow. I can't stop jumping up and down. Our last day here was wonderful. We got very early and went and had breakfast and met a great family from Chicago the other day that is staying in our hotel. They have twin daughters that they adopted 41/2 years ago and they are here to bring Henry home. He is so very cute. So we went shopping with them most of the day and then we had to meet Connie at the White Swan to go to the consulate to get Lily Rose's Visa. Well, I have to tell you that it is the most emotional thing. We had to get up and go to a window and show the women Lily Rose. She looked at her face and our passports and said ok, same baby. Then we had to wait for al the other families to do the same. Then this women comes out and talks for a few minutes and then she tells us to stand up and raise our right hands and to repeat after her. She ask if all the paper work was honest and truthful and if we will love our babies. We all said yes at the same time and me and Anthony started to cry. I think it was us and one other family that was crying like idiots. I couldn't help it. It was like I just gave birth to her. It was the same feeling I had when Joseph was born. Hey mom, This is your birthday present. Lily Rose is officially ours and it happened on your 70th birthday. Her Visa has the date of Feb. 15, 2007. That in itself is the most special part of this journey. Your new granddaughter official on your birthday.

After that was over we headed back to the island and did more shopping and then we met the family from Chicago and had dinner with them at the White Swan. It has been a very long day and we are so tired, but we have to pack and we have a wake up call for 4:30am and we leave the hotel at 6:00am to go to the airport. I am so overjoyed to be coming home. I don't care what the weather is. I want to be with my family and friends and I want to be able to talk to everyone on the phone. I cannot wait for that.

I want to thank everyone for following our journey and for leaving the best comments. We really love you all very much. Even the people we don't know. Just an awesome group of friends we have. I will print out as many comments that I can and put them in Lily Rose's life book.

I loved ALMOST every minute of our trip and it will be in my memory for my whole life. Our daughter is absolutely beautiful and we are so very lucky. She is a mommy and daddy's girl and very soon she will be up her big brothers butt and Lily Rose and grandma will get on just fine because they both love FOOD!!!!!!!

I will end this here because we really need to pack and I have to call home to talk with Joseph and to wish my mother a Happy Birthday. We love you all and please check back in often because I will be adding pictures of Lily Rose with Joseph and the rest of the family. Thank you all.

As always Joseph we miss you and love you more and we will be home very, very soon.
ps I ran into Caroline today at the Consulate. I met her on one of the Yahoo groups. Her son's name is Jack and he is adorable. We got a picture on the famous red couch at the White Swan and I think 2 perfect pictures of Lily Rose and Jack, don't you think?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Consulate Appointment & Pearl River Cruise

We had a busy day today. We got up kind of late and went to breakfast and then I had to stay in the room from 10:30am to 12:00pm. Connie went to the Consulate to bring our papers and she came here at 12:30pm and told us everything was great. So tomorrow we will go back to the Consulate for the swearing in ceremony and then we get Lily Rose's visa and then we can come HOME.!!!!!!!!!

We went shopping for Pearls. We bought Lily Rose Pearls and the bracelet and stud earrings to match for her wedding day. Lori we got your pearls also. Very pretty. After that we went and had lunch at Lucy's and then from there we went back to the hotel to drop off our pearls and then we went on the River Cruise. It was very pretty and since it is Valentine's day it was even more special. Lily Rose had a nice time too. Now we are back at the room and Anthony went in search of some food. He's always eating. I have to say that I lost some weight. Yeah for me. Lily Rose is in her crib right now talking up a storm. She slept on and off on the cruise and in the cab so I guess she is wide awake right now. It is so funny to hear her talk. She sounds like Donald Duck. I think I am going to start to call her ducky. How freakin' cute is that, she just talked herself to sleep and she's holding onto the doll we sent her in the care package for dear life. She has the fattest cheeks and all I do is kiss them all day long. She so didn't like to be kissed but now she doesn't mind it so much. To bad, that's what I do all day and she will have to get use to it. Joseph loved it when I use to kiss his face all over. Not so much now because he is a big kid now. But I still get to kiss him often.

I want to say hello to a few people. First to my cousin Janine (on my dad's side). Thanks for checking in all day and posting comments. I look forward to them. Yes, we will get together when we get back. We would love to see all of you guys. Hi Liz, I hope you guys are feeling better. Lily Rose will be just as chunky as Valerie once we get home. I also want to say hello to all my friends on the yahoo groups. Hi Rebecca and April and god to many to list. Ok, this is not working to good. There are just to many people to say hello to. So I will give one big huge hello to everyone and I hope you are all well and thanks you all so much for helping us stay focused on this great journey of ours. We would not have made it if it wasn't for you guys.

Hey Sandi, I wanted to let you know that we did NOT get those seats. When I called the lady said they were booked weeks ago. So we are sitting in row 46 or 47 something like that. But thank you for letting your friends know we will be there. I remember Theresa. I will make sure I say hello to her. I hope the flight is not to booked so that maybe we can get all 3 seats so Lily Rose can sleep between us. I really wish you were on that flight. That would have been great to see you again. If you want to know about adopting a baby girl from China I'll help you out. :)

I just got off the phone with my mother and Joseph and they are both sounding a little better. I feel horrible that I missed Valentine's Day with them and tomorrow is my mother's b'day. I never missed her b'day. But I know that we have only one more day here and then it's time to come home. I can't tell you all how happy we are to be coming home and the best part is, Lily Rose will be with us. Anthony and I still can't believe she is our daughter. What a feeling.

Joseph, as always we miss you and love you more then life itself and 1 more day and we will be home with you where we belong. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We are in Guangzhou

It is Tuesday night at 9:15 pm and we just got back to the room after a very long day. We arrived late last night and boy were we tired. Lily Rose did excellent her first time on an airplane. She didn't cry at all and I guess her ears didn't bother her. Our hotel room is huge and we have air condition. Whoo Hoo!!!!

This morning around 10am Connie, our guide who is very nice came to our room and we went over all the paper work. Then when that was done we went to get Lily Rose's visa pictures and then over to the Medical Building. We gave them her medical report from the orphanage and then a few Dr.'s started to make noise and Lily Rose didn't know where to look first. So now they are all standing around reading her medical and I think at that point every Dr. in the building came into the room to make noise. They kept asking us if her medical was correct. They checked her ears a few times and said other then a huge build up of wax her ears were totally fine. We knew that because she can her us perfect. So as far as the medical staff here is concerned Lily Rose has perfect looking ears inside and out and she CAN HEAR. They were more concerned with the burn mark on her hand. I am not sure if I mentioned it in an earlier post, but Lily Rose has a burn mark on her hand. The nanny told us that she was being held at the orphanage and they were sitting by a heater and Lily put her hand out and got burned. It's a nice size pink scar on her hand. So the other night we were sitting on the bed playing and out of no where Lily Rose picks up her hand with the burn mark and with the other finger points to it and starts to cry. Well Anthony and I were floored. She put her hand up to each of us so that we could kiss it and then she cradled her hand for a while. I was so upset that my daughter remembered that. I felt so bad. So when the Dr. was checking it out she put her hand up for him to kiss it but he didn't so she turned to me and Ant and we kissed it for her. After we got her clean bill of health we were free for the day.

We went to the White Swan to bring the photo's to that family and they invited us to lunch. We had a really nice time and then they had something to do so we went shopping and ran into some of the families that we met at the Dolton. We had a really fun day and we got lots of presents. Mostly for Joseph and Lily Rose. :~) Tomorrow is our Consulate Appointment and then after that we have somethings to do with Connie and then tomorrow night we are going on a cruise. The Pearl River Cruise. How nice that it is Valentine's Day and we will be on a cruise. I am looking forward to that. Then on Thursday we have another free day and we will finish up shopping and then come back and pack. We have to leave the hotel at 6am Friday. I am jumping for joy about that. I called home before thinking it was 7:30 am and it really was 5:30am so I woke my mother up. She has a really bad cold and she told me Joseph is really sick too. That freaked me out. I worry that he will have an asthma attack and I am not there. I know that I have nothing to worry about because my mother is there and so is my cousin Gina. She is staying with them. Hey Gina, your last comment was just singed GINA. Are we not Aunt Godmother Gina anymore? lol

Ok, everyone keeps asking me what size she is, well she is 21 lbs. I bought her an outfit the other day and it was 12 months and it just fits her. I have 18 months also and they are kinda big. But the clothes here are made different. So if you guys can hold off on asking me until I get home and try on some 12 month clothes, I'll let you know because I will still be posting from home too. Or you can just call me.

We got to eat at Lucy's today and I liked it. We also went back after we finished shopping with another family just to sit and talk and have something to drink. I will go back there again. The shopping here is amazing. Anthony bargained his butt off today. He is getting really, really good. I found a pure white silk Chinese dress for Lily Rose's Christening. I just have to get the shoes now. I also bought her a Chinese outfit for Joseph's Communion. It's red, I love it.

I am having a problem posting pictures. I got these 4 up and we have no idea who or what the lady is all about, but Anthony loved it. I am going to relax now. Talk with you all soon. We love all the comments. Thanks for taking the time to check in. Hey Lisa, a Starbucks just opened here 2 days ago. You know what that means!!!!!!!!!!

As always, Joseph we love you very much and miss you. 3 more days. Feel better, my heart I love you.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Our last day in Changsha

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted but we were so tired yesterday. We went to 2 different parks and walked our butts off. The first park was the DuFu JiangGe. It was awesome. It is a memorial to all the poets of Changsha. The paintings were beautiful. WE got some great video and I hope I got some good pictures. While we were there, Jacky bought what looked like cheese doodles, but they were made out of corn. So corn doodles they are. Anyway, Lily Rose absolutely loved them. She was double fisting. This child loves to eat and will try anything you put in front of her. So she basically stayed with Jacky because he had the bag of corn. Anthony and I got to really see this beautiful building and all the carvings and pictures. I loved it. Then we get in the car and Lily Rose is going to town on this bag of corn doodles and we are all talking and all of a sudden I look down and her head is down. I thought she was looking at her new black shoes but when I looked she was really sleeping with her head on the corn bag. I couldn't get to my camera and she woke up from all of us laughing. But it is something I will remember for a very long time.

Next we went to another park and I think it was called Motar Park or Mother Park. I cannot for the life of me remember. Anyway, this park was great. It was packed with people and everytime we stopped to look at something a crowd of people would surround us. And there's Anthony waving to everyone and shaking hands and talking with them. They loved us. I tried to get some pictures of the kids but most of them were really shy. I think I got 1 or 2. There was a group of teenage girls that walked by us and I said hello to them and they went nuts. Jacky told me that they never saw Americans before and they felt honored that I said hello to them. That was a great feeling. All the while that this is happening, Lily Rose is still eating these corn doodles. All the older Chinese women would come up to us and Lily Rose and want to touch us and they kept telling us Thank You and baby is very Lucky. I really love this place and I can't wait to come back with my kids. WOW, I love saying that, KIDS. I have Kids. Whoo Hoo!!!!!! We spent a lot of time at this park and I am so glad we did. We actually saw a dating service right in the park and all these single men and women were there trying to make a match. An outdoor version of Did I mention that the women of Changsha are gorgeous? I feel very plain next to these women. They dress really nice and are just so beautiful. Watch out boys, here comes Lily Rose. Joseph you will be one busy big brother.

After that, we came back to the hotel to give Lily Rose lunch. I really didn't think she would eat but she did. She is a very happy baby and she is a MAMA'S GIRL!!!!!!! If I walk out of the room she is right behind me. She still is a big daddy's girl, but I am holding my own. She talks up a storm and all the staff at the Dolton love her. The head doorman asked us to take pictures with him and then this morning he had them sent to our room and he also sent us a gift thanking us for being so kind to him and the entire staff here. We are always downstairs hanging out with them and talking and joking around. The staff at the Coffee Garden were super nice to us all week and last night after dinner we hung around with them talking and they were loving Lily Rose. I gave each girl a gift for being so nice to us all week. I gave them one of the canvas totes with the American Flag on it and they were all so very happy. I really love this hotel and anyone that will be coming to Changsha should definitely stay here and you have to go to the Photo place. They were wonderful there and the pictures came out great. I can't wait to download the CD they gave us so that you can see Lily Rose.

We were suppose to be on a plane to Guangzhou right now (11am) but our flight was changed to 7:45pm tonight. I don't know why and I really wish we were going now because I don't want to sit here anymore. It also means that we are coming to the end of our journey in China and I really, really need to get home to see my son. I didn't think it was possible to miss someone so much. I think of him morning, noon and night and while I sleep too. I can smell him at times and my heart hurts so bad that I want to curl up and die. My mother told me yesterday that after we hang up from calling him, he is really sad and that hurt me so much. Ok, I have to stop because I can't see the keyboard with the tears rolling out of my eyes like a waterfall. This feeling is bad.

Anthony and Lily Rose went for a walk. She loves to be outside. I needed to post so they left for a while. I wonder how she will do on the plane? Speaking of planes, I would like to say hello and thank you to Sandi. She was a flight attendant on Continental on our way to China and she posted a comment here. Thanks for checking in. Hope you keep checking even when we are home so you can see Lily Rose enjoy NY. Thanks.

Well, I wanted to tell everyone that we miss them and love them and can't wait to get home. I wanted to thank my friend Peggy. You really made a difference the other day. But I knew you would. Thank you very much my "forever friend".

Mom and Ralph we miss you and love you and we can't wait to see you again. Ralph, is there anyway you can postpone your trip for a while so that we can hang out with you before you go? Anthony and I really, really don't want you to go and I have thought about it a lot while we were here and it's not a good thing for you to leave us. So, change your mind, OK?!!!!!!

Joseph as always, we miss you and love you and it's 4 more days. 4 days will go fast. Love You