Friday, May 19, 2006

It feels like slow motion

Today I felt like my life was in slow motion. My homestudy should have been sent to immigration 2 weeks ago. That is all they are waiting for. Fingerprints have been checked. I really wanted to call the whole thing off today. I was really hoping to have DTC in June sometime and LID in July sometime. Well that will not be happening now. Who know's when that will be. The way it looks now, we will be lucky to travel to China in 2008. Which will be impossible because China is hosting the Winter/Summer Olympics. Chinese New Year is in February. So basically China will be closed down for the first 3 months of 2008. So if we don't get to travel in 2007 it will be a 2+ year deal from start to finish. That is very depressing. I have a few things to keep me busy though. My beautiful son, my wonderful husband, my family and the OHGWQ yahoo group that I joined recently. I got involved with 4 swaps right away. I finished the Ladybug and Butterfly swaps. I have the Ballet & 100 Good Wish Asian swaps left. I really like doing them now. If my friends from 20 years ago knew that I was so into exchanging fabric and wishes, the emergency rooms would be filled. LOL I will have well over 100 squares and wishes for Lily Rose soon. The ones I have received so far are great. Most of them are from the groups I joined. Only have 4 from my family and friends so far. But that's ok, we have a long way to go yet. So no rush. I really need to add some more things to this blog. I REALLY need to find someone to help me. Well, that's it for now. Until next time...


Liam & Sherry said...


Liam and Sherry-Lou from Regina, Saskatchewan in the great white north (Canada). We are also hurring to get our dossier together and hope to be DTC in July. So far things are going very smoothly. We would love to swap a square with you for Lily Rose. What a nice name. Very unique. Please visit our blog and you can e-mail us privately from the link there.

Take care

Liam and Sherry-Lou

Made in China said...


I am Julie, another Canadian (Montreal). I got your link from the OHGW site. Your blog is lovely! Perk up – there are some benefits to the wait. Meeting people, reading blogs, special time with your son, time to save more money, etc.

All the best,


Carla said...

We are basically on the same step. {hug} It does feel like slow motion.

One good thing I can share with you, is that Beijing Olympics is SUMMER olympics. :) Italy just hosted the winter games. So, I guess we get to worry about CNY shutdown AND then a later shutdown for Olympics.

I'm just hoping our 171H forms get here this month, we're LID July 06, and we get referal July 07.