Saturday, May 12, 2007

Joseph's First Holy Communion

Well, Joe made his First Holy Communion and I am thrilled. He looked so very handsome. It was a beautiful ceremony and thank God I wore waterproof mascara. I wasn't the only mother crying either by the way. He looked so grown up walking down the isle and he had the biggest smile on his face. We were not allowed to take pictures during the ceremony which was to bad because he did look so handsome and it is a special day and it would have been nice to have. We went to the Church at 10am so that we could take pictures before it got really crowed. At 10:30am they were lined up and at exactly 11am it started. I liked the way they did things. Anthony and I sat in the pew with Joseph between us and my family that came had their own pew. We actually went to the altar with Joseph and had to introduce him to the priest and watch up him take his First Communion. It was really neat. I saw my mother out of the corner of my eye staying off to the side watching Joseph take his First Communion. When Joseph saw her he gave her the biggest smile. When we got back to the pew he looked at me and said " it taste like foam" "So I asked him how he knew what foam taste liked" He had no answer for that. It was to funny. The party was really nice too. Anthony worked on our backyard for 3 weeks to get it in shape and we had a tent and table and chairs and he planted all these flowers and it looked great, but it was really cold out so not that many people sat out there. We had a little over 60 people here and everyone had a great time.

My mother cooked her butt off for this because Joseph didn't want it catered. He loves my mothers cooking. My poor mother was wiped out. On top of that my brother called from Iraq to congratulate Joseph (he's Joes Godfather) and to wish my mother a Happy Mothers day (this is the first one in 45 years that he wasn't with her) and she was crying and I think after that she was in a fog. But all in all, it was a really nice day.

A friend of mine owns a party entertainment co. and I had one of those big bouncy things that had a rock climbing wall and a slide. The kids had a great time in that thing. I went in it also. I don't think it's made for people over 40. I got super dizzy and when I went to slide down the slide, I don't know what I did, but I went down head first and tumbled over like an ass. When I got out of the thing, my legs were like jello. I had to sit for a half hour after that. I am just way to old for this stuff. LilyRose got in for a little while with all the other babies we had here. It was really cute. Thank god we video taped it all. My daughter ate all day long. Anyone she saw that had food, she was on them like jelly on peanut butter.

I'm glad it's done. It was a lot of fun, but very stressful. It started to pour right after the last guest left. God was good to us today. I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Jenni said...

OMG! What a beautiful family!!! Congrats to Joseph-he's too handsome!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Joseph. He's one handsome young man. Your family pictures came out just great! And Happy Mother's Day to you~ mom of 2 beautiful children!


AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

Congrats, Joseph! We are very proud of you:)

Happy Mother's day!

Oh and LilyRose looks so proud of her big brother- that picture of the two of them is precious!\

Congrats again, Joseph.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa & Anthony, What a beautiful family!!! You all look great - especially Joseph, one gorgeous little boy!! Love, Liz

lara said...

congratulations to Joseph , he really looked hansome, lilyrose looked super cute too.
i love looking at all your photos.

alison said...

Terrific picutres Lisa!!!! You can tell that Joseph loves his family. Your mom must be one amazing lady. Thanks for sharing Joseph's very special day with all of us.