Wednesday, October 17, 2007

FCC-LI Halloween Party

Our FCC-LI group had it's 1st Halloween Party on Saturday night. Yes, I know, it's Wednesday already and I am just posting about it now. Hey, I am getting better, at least it wasn't next month that I am writing about it.

SOOOOOOO, anyway, Anthony had to work and Gina was no where to be found, so I went with just me and the kids. Joseph asked me to call and see if that kid Brandan was going to be there and his mother said that they couldn't make it. Right after that his friend Vincent called and asked if Joe could hang out. So I told Joseph to ask Vin if he wanted to go and he did so that worked out well for him. We had a really good time and I stayed longer then I thought I would, so when Anthony got home I told him to come up there and meet us. He had fun meeting more of the families and seeing the kids. LilyRose was a little "off" that night. She kinda wanted to be held by anyone that would look at her, which kinda freaked me out. I had never seen some of these people and neither did she, but that did not stop here from running over to them when she made eye contact with them and throw up her arms and snuggle in. I really do not like that. She hasn't done that in ages and I have to say that I went over and took her out of their arms. I just don't like it. (Can you tell I don't like it)? lol Then I don't know what she was doing, but she ran right into a wall. BAM, knocked her right on her skinny little butt. She was dazed for a minute. Her father walked in right after it happened, couldn't have come at a better time for me. She didn't cry or anything but it was just weird. I have been keeping an eye on her since. Just want to see if any other strange behavior comes about.

Other then that, things have been quite here. We are going to Delaware this weekend for a picnic that Adoption House is throwing for the families. Ming is here from China and it will be great to see her again. She did not get to meet LilyRose as we went to Beijing first. So this will be a nice weekend I hope. I will post about that next week.

Until next time.....


Anonymous said...

Hi! Its Gina! And yes I think I was busy washing my hair on Saturday?!?!?! hahaha Just kidding. Looked like it was a lot of fun. Love Lily's little orange vest!

Love ya's!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
We just hung up so you could go back to quilting - lol - go girl!! I figured I would check in here.

Joe and LilyRose both look adorable in the pics! I love Lily's little orange vest - too cute!!


Ann said...

Adorable pictures!!

Anonymous said...

looks like it was a fun night!!
love the pig tails on lilyrose
have a great time this weekend
xoxo janine

Anonymous said...

I know why she was so bent out of shape. You put those two things in her hair. LMAO HI MOM.


lara said...

Loving Ralphs comment but really i think LilyRose looks super cute.hope she recovers from her wall adventure