Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Video of Ribbon Dance

Ok, this was really funny to see in person. The video didn't come out as clear as I had hoped it would. Before the music started, my mother kept asking "Where's the music" the lady who was doing this was bugging out with her. She kept saying " in a minute". well my mother can't hear to well and kept asking her the same thing. The lady just ignored her after a while. I wish I got that on video. When the dance was over, the lady asked my mother to say something in Chinese and my mother did. We still have no idea what she said. The lady must have made her say something on the lines of "I am a crazy, annoying lady" lol

For all of you who do know my mother, you could just imagine what she is saying throughout this whole thing. Whatever you THINK she is saying, SHE IS!!!! For all that don't know my mother, you don't want to know what she was saying. LOL LOL she really is a very funny lady.

Oh, BTW, she is all the way in the back on the left next to Joseph and Anthony. Everyone did really well. My niece Christina (in the front) did a great job. Check out LilyRose, she moves like a pro.


Anonymous said...


Sharon said...

Wow!!! Talent!

lara said...

That was great to watch, they were all wonderful

Anonymous said...

TOO FUNNY!! You needed to get out and have a fun day!! Hope all is well! THinking of you! Tell your Mom, shes a star!

Ann said...

So so cute!!! I think she did an awesome job.

Jenni said...

Ummmm.....WHERE are the Easter pics?!! LOL