Monday, January 26, 2009

LilyRose is Potty Trained


LilyRose is potty trained. On Monday, January 19th at 6:45am LilyRose is calling me like crazy. I told her to go back to sleep because it's way to early for her to be up. She kept saying she had to go potty. So, I finally got up and she runs to her little potty chair and sure enough she went. She hasn't looked back. Knock on wood we have not had 1 accident so far. Although I put pull-ups when we go out just in case. It's only been a week. Anthony & I used to get very stressed out over the fact that she did not want anything to do with the potty. One day I told him to stop saying anything about it and lets see what happens. As soon as we stopped talking about her going on the potty, she wanted to go. It was a great birthday present for me.

Now for my other great birthday presents. My husband gave me an IPod. It's the new Nano and it's Yellow. I wanted it for the plane ride (?!?) I also got some ITunes gift cards. My son gave me beautiful diamond earrings and LilyRose gave me beautiful hoop earrings. My 2 nieces gave me a beautiful diamond heart bracelet and I also got money from my mother and brother.
So turning 44 wasn't all that bad. My birthday was January 23. I have to get some pictures up soon.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

YEA.... so glad that LilyRose is potty trained..
Happy Chinese New Year..
Have a great week..Hugs..

SueCQ said...

Happy belated birthday, girlfriend!! And congrats on the potty training! Always reason to celebrate, hm?

Donna -N- Andrew said...

What a week you had! Congrats on LilyRose being potty trained and A Happy belated bithday to you.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! Tha is great about LilyRose - isn't that funny we were just talking about that.
call me when you can an let me know how your doing.
Love, Jackie

PletcherFamily said...


Happy Chinese New Year!!