Sunday, June 18, 2006


Well, it finally arrived. Our I171H approval arrived on Sat. June 17th, 2006. I knew before hand that we were approved though. I called immigration on Tuesday June 13th and left a message. Then on Wed. June 14th I called at 9:00 am and left another message. At 9:30 am the phone rang and it was immigration. The man was laughing and telling me not to call anymore that my approval was in the mail. So of course I kept asking him if he was sure that we were approved and he told me yes like 12 times and then said "now you don't have to call anymore" and then said goodbye. So I burst into tears of joy and called my husband and then ran downstairs and told my mother. It was a happy day for us. But I got the approval paper on Sat. and now this week I take all my documents and head into Manhattan to authenticate them and hopefully by the end of July off to China they go. I think once we get the LID I will be able to rest easier. I know the wait is getting really long, but there is nothing we can do about it at all so we will wait our turn and hopefully it won't take more then 12 months. I would be happy with any travel date as long as it is in 2007. That is our wish, that we travel to China in 2007. But no one knows. Our friend Lori is in China as I write this. Her daughter Paige is absolutely beautiful. When I opened the e-mail up that she sent I was overjoyed. The Child is precious. I cannot wait to bring our little Lily Rose home. Until next time...

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