Sunday, September 03, 2006

Even More Confused

Well, I had made my decision on the SN child that we were interested in last week and I called my agency to let them know that we were not going to take the referral and the agency told me that the medical info we had was incorrect. Some of the children's pictures got matched up with the wrong medical reports. Well, I almost fell off the chair. Of course the little girl we had was involved with the mix up. When they told me what her real SN was I cried. It was one of the things I feared most. I asked for the new medical report anyway. I hand delivered it to the Specialist myself on Friday afternoon. We have not heard anything yet since it's a holiday weekend. Hopefully we will hear from him this Tuesday or Wednesday. This is so very hard. We fell in love with this beautiful little girl. We look at her picture everyday and we really want to take her home. I am hoping beyond hope that the Dr. gives us some good news. Asking everyone that reads this to keep your fingers crossed for us.

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