Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The first day of school

Well, today was the first day of school for my son. He was up at 6 am (bus doesn't come until 8:45) he was so excited. 2nd grade is a big deal to him. He was so excited to get to wear his new sneakers. Nothing else excited him but those sneakers. lol I was so excited that I did the Cha Cha when I saw that great big yellow bus driving down my street. But seriously, I am excited for him this year. He has a good teacher and he has some of his good friends in his class and he makes First Holy Communion. So this will be a great one for us. But now the running begins all over again. We just returned from his first soccer practice. He loves soccer. Plus he starts Fall Baseball soon. Now he wants to join a bowling league for the winter. So we will be very busy these next few months. But I'm glad, he loves it all and I love it because it makes him happy.
I just hope when I bring his sister home that she just likes Dance for now. lol I hope she loves sports as much as her big brother. With the size of my family, we will have no problem. Thank god for big families that live so very close.


lara said...

Big families are the best my DH is one of 16 , can you imagine all the nieces and nephews i have.Glad your son had a good day at school ,mine went back on tuesday ,with their new shoes of course they have reached the age where their shoes and trainers have to be the named brand !!

lara said...

Hi Lisa, i noticed you deleted your last post i hope i havent upset you by what i said i am sorry if i did.