Friday, June 08, 2007

No Early Intervention for LilyRose

We had E.I. here today and LilyRose does not qualify. They said she is where she should be for her age and for only being home 4 months she is doing awesome. I have to have then come back in 6 months for another evaluation. They had a Chinese Interpreter and LilyRose just stared at her with this look on her face like she was thinking "I heard that language before, but I don't know where I heard it from".
Let me explain that look. On Monday, we went to the local mall here to see my cousin who was working in an eye place helping out his friend until his practice opens next month because I needed new contact lenses. We had LilyRose with us. When we were leaving the mall, I was walking a few feet ahead of Anthony and LilyRose. All of a sudden, I hear a woman talking Chinese. I turned around and this lady is talking to LilyRose and my daughter is just staring at her with this look on her face. It was total confusion. I have no idea what this lady was saying to her and then she offered her some fruit. At that moment I snapped out of my fog and told Anthony to pick her up and let's go. LilyRose was turning in his arms to see this lady all the way out of the mall. I didn't think to ask her what she said to Lily until after we were in the car. We had one of the worst nights with her that night. She would not go to sleep and she cried like crazy and just went into her own little world. I was scared to death. I thought that she was going to regress after that. The next morning she still wasn't herself, but by that night she was ok. So I guess when she saw this lady today she had somewhat of the same facial expression but didn't let it bother her at all.
She was very entertaining though today. They got a real kick out of her. LilyRose loves to be the center of attention and boy was she in her element today.
Ok, last Sat. night we went to the Cox family's house for a BBQ. Anthony kinda invited us on his own there. We are super close with this family and had a really good time. We had a lot of laughs and Joseph and their son Thomas are really good friends. Their daughters Kathleen and Elizabeth adore LilyRose. I got some nice pics of the night.
Joseph has had a baseball game every night this week. So of course we are at the field every night. I put LilyRose on the swings and she hated them, as you will see by the pics. I didn't get one of her crying but you will get the idea when you look at them. Now the slide is a different story. She loves it. Wants to go down it all the time. So I hope you enjoy.
I want to say hi to my brother Ralph. I was happy to see that he commented on here the other day all the way from Iraq. We are in the count down for him to come home on leave. He will be getting home on July 6th. and will be here for 28 days. My mother is beside herself. We have not seen Ralph since Feb. 16th. The very day we got home from China with LilyRose. He left the next morning and we really can't wait to see him. We are picking him up at the airport and my mother doesn't want to go because she is afraid that she will make a scene. I know I'm going to make a scene and I don't care. Damn, I miss him and can't wait to see him.


lara said...

i know that look the one on the swing my niece shannon does the same face when she doesnt want to do something.

Anonymous said...

Well, that is good news!! Love the photo of Lily on the slide! You can just hear the giggle coming through the computer...


alison said...

What you said about the lady speaking Chinese reminded me of something I did to Paul. We had been home about 2 months. We dug our "My name is Ling" Chinese speaking doll (it was at the bottome of Audrey's toy box). We were just getting ready to lay Paul down for bed. He is usually super easy at bed time. Not that night he went "crazy" and got very mad at the doll. He ended up having night terrors all night!!!! I felt horrible. Half way through the night I just gave up and camped out by his crib. We decided no more Chinese for awhile.