Friday, November 02, 2007

WWE & Halloween

Joseph, lilyRose, neighbor & Daniella

Kristi, Joseph & Siri

LilyRose banging on door, Joe & Della

Gina, Joe, Della & LilyRose

Need I Say More

Joe, Della & LilyRose

The Undertaker & Batista



Ok, here it is.

Tuesday night Joseph went to the Nassau Coliseum to see the WWE Smack Down/Raw show. We got him these tickets months ago. They cost an arm and a leg but he was so excited. I had no idea what the seats were going to be like so I had my fingers crossed. Anthony ran into a friend of his a few weeks back that works for the WWE and told him to call and the friend was going to see if he could get Joseph in the standing only front row. Anthony had the guy on the phone right before he left the house and the guy said he was there already and that they should meet him by the flags. Well, the guy never showed up. Now if you know Joseph, you know that he was crushed. So they get on line and Anthony calls me and said that Joseph looked like he was waiting on line to get a shot from the Dr. WOW, I know that look and I felt so bad for him. 1/2 later the phone rings and Joseph was talking so fast that I couldn't understand him. What he was trying to tell me is that they had the BEST seats. They were something like 10 rows from the rink. He said the seats were better then were the standing only section was. He was over the moon. I was so happy for him. I am not a big fan of wrestling but I was really excited. He called me once or twice to tell me his favorite guys were out and he was so close to them. Ray Mestrio and The Undertaker. His all time favorites. He got home at midnight and of course had to wake me up to tell me all about it. Little does he know that I get very little sleep as it is (tons of stuff running through my mind at warp speed) I was only sleeping for like an hour and then I was up for the rest of the night. I am like a zombie during the day lately. Poor Anthony was dead to the world. He gets up at 4am every morning. He usually goes to be at 8:30pm so he was way passed tired. But 4am came and he got up on 4 hours sleep and went to work. WAY TO GO ANTHONY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now for Halloween....

Joseph was buzzing all day I am sure. Even though he was exhausted, once he got off the bus from school he was raring to go. LilyRose on the other hand had no idea what was happening. I got her dressed at 4pm. My cousin Gina was here already and my niece Daniella was on her way, as well as my cousin Siri and Kristi. Siri is Joseph Godmother and Kristi is her sister. They have been Trick or Treating with Joseph since he was born. Gina started coming with us a few years ago and now that will be LilyRose's Godmother she has to really get into it. We made LilyRose knock at my mom's door(she lives downstairs from us) just to get the idea of what she is doing. She had no clue. But I have to say after the 3rd house she picked up really quick. By the 4th house she was running up to the door and banging on it yelling TrickTreat, TrickTreat. once they opened the door she was grabbing the loot right out of there hands. She even tried to get into some of the houses at one point. But the best is when she would bang on a door and they didn't open it... She would look at the door and yell TrickTreat and had this look on her face like, hey they are suppose to open the door and give me something here. Too funny. But the best is that we need to send Godmother Gina to Halloween school. Anthony kept saying that we needed to put knee pads on LilyRose. Hey G, her knees are starting to heal!!!!!!!!!! lol haha I was so glad that my niece wanted to hang out with us. It has been years since Danileela and Joseph got to T ot T togehter. She actually was over the night before to hang out with us. We had a few laughs and T or T was really fun this year.

Then we ran into one of Joseph's friends and so we walked with them for a while. We stopped to grab some dinner and then we headed over to my cousin Joanie's house which is Gina's house too. We always go there on Halloween. As we were leaving our house, my niece Christina pulled up. So she followed us there and hung out with us for a little bit. Then my mother walked in and it was a nut house, but we always have lots of laughs together. After we TorT at Joanie's we go across the street to Annie's house. Well, LilyRose decided she wanted to get a better look at Annie's house. When Annie opened the door LilyRose just waltz right. It went to a few more houses and ran into Kathleen. She was so happy to see Joseph and LilyRose dressed up. By now it was almost 9pm so we packed everything up and dropped my niece off at her house and home we went. LilyRose was out cold. We were washing her up and changing her and she never opened an eye. It was a long night and I am glad it is over.

The pictures of wrestling are kinda dark. I think 1 or 2 are ok. So I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Looks like they had a great time!

Jenni said...

She is a trip!! Her and Alena would have made a great pair Trick-or-treating together!! LOL
Love the pics-the kids are so cute.

We got the Halloween card! The kids love getting mail. It's on our fireplace mantel! (You're so on the ball!)

Anonymous said...

SHE WAS FALLING ON HER OWN!!!haha I already signed up for T & T lessons...I start on Monday. :)

Aunt Gina

Anonymous said...

Hi, Love all the pictures and your update. Everyone looks like they had a great time. Where is Lillian and her costume? Hope to see you all soon. Love, Michele

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Love the pictures...
Looks like they had a WONDERFUL TIME...
Happy Halloween..

Marilyn, Paul, PJ, & Chris said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for the photos of Lilyrose in her costume. She is so cute! We had a great Halloween too. I'm just not as up to speed as you. I will post on blog soon. Take care!

mom to Lauren, PJ & Chris

lara said...

more great pics so glad you had a wonderful halloween , havent got round to posting mine but only took two.
the wrestling looked like fun too.

Anonymous said...

so good to hear from you today :)
the pic's are great!! i will be in touch and then hopefully set a day to get together.
hugs and kisses

Ann said...

Their costumes looks great.Glad things worked out for your son!!