Sunday, April 20, 2008

We are now A Host Family

A woman that worked for our previous agency when we adopted LilyRose is now working for Spence-Chapin in NYC. She called me a few weeks ago and asked if we would consider being a "Host Family" "Yes, we would love to I said". So we sent our paperwork over to them and thought it would take a few months, but no, that wasn't the case since we have all of our clearances. We got a call on Wednesday morning asking how soon we could take a baby in? I said "how soon do you need us to?" 4pm today was the answer. So as of 4:30pm on Wednesday April 16th, we have a newborn in our home. She is the cutest little peanut ever. It's actually called "Boarding Parents" The birth mothers have up until 30 days to decide if they would like to parent the child or put them up for adoption. We are in no way able to adopt these children at all. The birth mother has already chosen an adopted family. Everyone thinks I am nuts. "Aren't you going to get attached to this baby?" "How are you going to give this baby up when the time comes?". My answer to these questions are this, "Yes, I am attached to this baby already. She is with me 24/7. My arms ache when I am not holding her." "But, if and when the time comes that her birth mother wants her back, or decides that she will place her for adoption, I will give her back." If her birth mother wants her then that is truly the best place for her to be. I am sure this BM is a young girl who is scared out of her mind and needed just a little more time to get comfortable with the idea she is a mother now. If she decides that she will put this child up for adoption, then I will hand over this child to a woman who never had the pleasure of being pregnant and giving birth. She will know the greatest joy in life, becoming a mother. I have experienced that joy 2 ways. Giving birth and adoption. Then when this sweet child leaves my home, I will go into my room and cry. Yes, I will mourn and I will never forget her. But I feel that I am giving this child a safe and happy, healthy start in this life. For the short amount of time that she is here with us, she will be loved and held and snuggled and loved some more. She is a beautiful baby and I hope she has a wonderful life.

I am hoping that those of you that read this and think you might like to be a Host Family and you live in the NY area, please call Spence-Chapin. They are in major need of Host Families. Please, won't you open your home and hearts to these innocent babies and help give them a loving start in life? If you want more info feel free to email me. I really hope someone will call or email.


Isabella's Mommy & Daddy(Kim & John) said...

That is amazing...
Now I am sure you will get attached but you know that you are only helping this wonderful baby..
How exciting..
I am sooo happy for you..
Have a Great Week..

Marilyn, Paul, PJ, Chris & Lauren said...

You are an amazing, inspirational woman and that baby is lucky to have you watching over her, if only for a while.


Anonymous said...

I do not think you're crazy for doing this! I thinks its awesome! Yes there will be some hurt when this baby leaves your home, but like you said you know that you gave this baby a loving start into this world. Im going to miss her as well! She is a beautiful, beautiful baby and will definitely not be forgotten!


lara said...

Lisa, this is so wonderful my mum did the same when we were growing up, she always attached to each baby and cried when they went but she picked herself up and did the same again, i think its amazing.

Jenni said...

What a beautiful thing Lisa. If I was a stay at home mom, I would love to dial that number! I am happy for you and that sweet baby.

Sharon said...

OMGosh!! that is sooo wonderful. You are amazing and I am a little jealous, it must be such a fantastic experience. Let us know how it goes for you emotionally, please!! God Bless!!!!!!!!!

alison said...

Lisa....what a wonderful way to open your family up to children in need. I bet LilyRose is loving be a big sister, even if it is just for a short time. God bless you and your family.