Friday, March 02, 2007

We had our 1st popper scooper

Ok, so I did the 1st scoop of the poop. Mind you, I never did anything like this in my life. I did not have to do this with Joseph so it was like an operation this morning. I gagged the whole time and I had to scoop for 3 containers today. The room still has the lingering smell of poop. I sprayed air freshener and to tell you the truth I wanted to spray the freshener up my nose to get the smell out. No matter what I do I still smell poop in my nose. Lily Rose thought the whole thing was very funny and she laughed that cute belly laugh while she watched me scoop the poop.

I have to give the technicians a lot of credit. What a job they have. I really wanted to bring them something when I drop off the poop, but I can't think of anything appropriate. At first I was thinking of a box of chocolate, but when I thought for a minute longer, I don't think they eat chocolate. I know I would never eat it. Maybe nice smelling flowers would do the trick. Anyway, I am off to the lab to drop off the poop. More later.....
It's 3:25pm and I just got off the phone with my friend Rebecca and she recieved her TA this morning. I am so very happy for her and her husband Andy and big sister Gracie. She should be leaving March 14th to bring her Nola Ann home. We are so very happy for you guys. Enjoy all the craziness that you will experience in the next few weeks. We Wish You All the Best!!!


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Anonymous said...

This should have been on video!! I could only imagine!! She sounds like a total love! I can't wait to hear her laugh and see those cheeks! Lil Joey has been practicing her name-kinda like yill-ie! See you soon!
Love ya's-
The Poli's

Jenni said...

You are killing me wit this!! Too funny!!

lara said...

so funny loving your experiences!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
So glad you had some bonding time with your kids. The pictures are just great. Good thing you put up an extra shelf in Joseph's room. I just bet Lily Rose is curious.
Are you almost done scooping? The things you'll do for your kids!
Take care,