Friday, March 23, 2007

Wow, it's been a long time

It really has been a long time since I last posted. Thanks April for pointing this out to me.
So, we are home well over a month and things are just fine. LilyRose is filling out nicely and she is truly a "Spicy Girl". I laugh all day long with her. She entertains both me and my mother everyday. My mother is the one having the best time with LilyRose. She will feed her breakfast some mornings while I get Joseph on the bus and when I come back into the house I hear my mother singing all these songs and there is my daughter either singing right along or trying to snap her fingers or just dancing in her seat. It is the funniest thing to see. The only thing is, I have the "bus song" in my head. You know the one that goes "The wheels on the bus go round and round". I hear it going round and round in my head morning, noon and night. I will start singing it at the weirdest moments too. My mother cracks up when I start singing it too.

Anyway, right now my LilyRose is not so happy. She had a reaction to one of the shots she got and her face & neck broke out. I went to the Dr.'s yesterday and he said it is not contiguous and it will run it course. He said 1 out of 8 kids have this reaction and I guess she is the 1. I have to say though, "who cares" she is my 1 and that's all that matters.

She has a great personality and she says 7 or 8 English words already. "Don't Touch" is her favorite. She hears it so much that she must think it's her name. She is a toucher. Loves to touch whatever she can get her hands on. The best part is, she will look at you while she is touching something she knows she shouldn't be touching. That's my girl.

We went to a cousin's b'day party and some family members hadn't seen her before. She really knows how to work a room. It was so much fun to watch. I tell Anthony, wait until she is 18 or even 16, she will be a pro at getting attention. He kinda gets this pained look on his face which is fun to watch also. Joseph is still trying to figure out if it is ok to share the spotlight with his sister. Joseph has been the only one in the spotlight for 8 years. Although we have 3 other babies in the family who are almost all over 1 now, he was always the "Center of Attention". He will be fine though and he is loving his sister beyond belief. She gets CRAZY when he gets off the bus and walks in the door. It is awesome to see.

LilyRose still has some skin issues. Not as bad as when we first got home, but still an issue. We have an appointment with the ENT on April 2nd. I hope all goes well on that visit. She hears fine and I can't believe that I was so scared about it. Of course you always fear the unknown. I had gotten some comments while I was in China from my "fan club" (I will talk about that group of women soon) saying that I had posted earlier of how scared I was about taking her referral and all this crap and I have to say to them, I wouldn't have been human if I wasn't scared to death. I am just glad that we did accept her referral b/c she is perfect. LilyRose is super happy and very well adjusted. She is very much loved and cherished and I can't imagine my life without her. No one can.
Here are some random pictures I took since we are home. Joseph made the sign for us and it was hung on the door when we got home. He did a great job. LilyRose loves to wear her hat in the house. She will wear it all day if I let her. She loves her headbands also. She will keep them on too.


Anonymous said...

It's about time!!! (JK) I have been checking everyday for a new post. Love to read how she is doing. Can't wait to see her again. Tyler is walking on his own now so he can follow her all around!
Love, Danielle

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, even though I talk to you all the time, I love reading your updates! LOVE The pictures of Lily Rose! She is so beautiful and has joined a beautiful family. Thanks for keeping this great, funny & honest blog alive! Love, Liz

Jenni said...

Um, yeah, can you keep up with the posting?!! J/K
Love the new pics of the little lady!! She sounds like Alena-SOOOOOO much fun!! If I could be a SAHM, I would be doing it again!

alison said...

We were terrified when we started the paperwork to bring Paul home. I was totally "in love" with his sad little picture but never saw myself as the parent of a SN child. Now that he's been home for 3 months we can't imagine life without him. Sure he's missing his lower right arm but he is NOT special needs in our mind at all!!!!!

I think we are all afraid of the unknown. LOVE the pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa!Thanks for the update (and omitting the poop!) She is just too darned cute!! And what an awesome job Joseph did on the sign!

The group 2 days ahead of us got LOA maybe next week for us. Keep your fingers crossed!!
Day 93

lara said...

great photos and so glad you posted , i have been checking all the time. joseph did a fantastic sign to welcome you all home.

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

Love all the pictures. I'm glad you are doing so well. Your little missy is so beautiful. She looks so happy to be an AMERICAN GIRL! The sign is beautiful. Thanks for posting. I am always anxious for new pictures and updates!