Friday, August 31, 2007

Dutch Wonderland/Hershey Park

We left Sunday morning for Hershey Park. We went with 2 other families. One of the families are good friends of ours. Joseph and their son Vincent are good friends and Anthony and Vin's father Nick are their Soccer Coaches. We got to PA at like 11 am and went right to Dutch Wonderland. The kids had the best time. LilyRose got to go on so many rides. Some of them she loved and some of them she didn't love. We had to stop 2 rides because she was crying so hard. I had to laugh because the rides she cried on were the ones Anthony put her on. It was really funny that she gave him "that look" that she is famous for when she's not a happy kid. She was amazed at all the different rides and sounds and she had a ball. I got to go on 2 rides here. The old fashion car ride with LilyRose and the bumper cars with Joseph. I am not a big ride person, but it made Joseph happy so of course I did it. My neck was not happy but Oh Well. Then we went to check into the hotel which was right across the street from Dutch Wonderland. It was ok, not a place that I would want to stay at again. We were going to go back to the park but the kids wanted to go and eat and then go in the pool. So we went to the Texas Road House. What a great place. Of course, the kids we having Peanut fights. They put huge buckets of peanuts on the table and they were throwing them at us. We had to have 2 tables because there were 11 of us and LilyRose. She was so tired by this time and her heading was hitting her chest until the food came out and boy did she get her 2nd wind. It was really funny. After that the kids went to the pool and LilyRose and I went to bed.

Monday we got up at the crack of dawn and had breakfasts and headed to Hershey Park. We got there at 10 am right when the park opened and it was a mad house. I have been there 3 times and it was never that crowed. They waited like 2 hours for a 3 second ride. LilyRose and I did alot of sitting and walking around by ourselves. I did get to go on 1 ride though. I went on the "Whip". I love that ride. Joseph was embarrassed because I was laughing so loud and throwing my hands up. To bad, I had fun. I have to say that I was really surprised at Joseph. He went on roller coasters that I didn't think he would go on and he had a ball. There was one called the "Mouse" and it had no sides so you feel like your gonna go off the sides when you go on the turns. It was so crowed that we were sure when they got on and I didn't have my camera ready when they went by, but I will never forget Joe's face. He definitely had skid marks happening. LOL.

Then they went on this Flume ride. It goes really high up and then has this steep drop and the wave that happens is HUGE. They had a full boat and the wave was one of the biggest. It looked like a really fun ride but I am afraid of heights so I wouldn't go on. I was looking for the characters so I could get pics with LilyRose but they were no where to be seen. LilyRose went on a lot of rides and she really liked all of them expect the ones Anthony went on with her. LOL He took her on the baby slide and she was screaming on the way down. I have a pic but you will have to click on it to make it bigger so you could see her face. All in all we had a great time. We were at the park until it closed. 12 hours of walking and waiting and walking and waiting. Poor LilyRose was so done. Then we went to the Chocolate Factory and took the tour and LilyRose loved it. Then we shopped for a little ( i didn't buy that much candy) and headed back to the hotel. We ordered pizza and picked it up when we got back. We went out by the pool and ate and the kids went in the pool and of course LilyRose fell asleep so I went back to the room and went to sleep too.

Tuesday was a very relaxing day. Cathy, the mom from the other family stayed back at the hotel with the kids while then went into the pool and we all went to the "Amish Village" We did some shopping and had a nice 2 hours out. I was starting not to feel well though and knew that I was getting sick. I had the worst body aches I ever had. We went into this store that sells Shoe Fly Pies b/c Nick loves them and I walking around looking at all the stuff and it finally hits me that everything in the store says " I Love Intercourse" WHAT????????? I was cracking up. I was going to buy a t-shirt for my mother that had the logo on it but they didn't have her size. To bad it would have been a funny joke. I have to say the baked goods were awesome. I did not try the Shoe Fly pie though. We went back to the hotel and hung out by the pool the rest of the day. The other family that came with us left, but there girls stayed with Susan and Nick. We went back to the Texas Roadhouse and ate and then went to play Miniature Golf. LilyRose was out cold so I stayed in the car with her. By now I am getting sicker by the minute. We went back to the hotel and I went right to bed.

We got up Wednesday and packed up and ate and went to the outlets. I did some shopping and got the kids clothes. I got a few things for myself too. We got on the road and came home. By the time I walked into my house I was full blown sick. High fever (haven't had a fever in years) my body felt like a truck was rolling over me every few seconds and my throat was on fire and the couch was deep and painful. Forget my head, I can't believe it's still on my shoulders. My kids were so happy to see Grandma, that even though I was so sick it made me smile that they love her so much. My mother of course made the biggest scene when she saw them too. Thursday was a bad day for me. I could hardly get out of bed. I unpacked the suitcase and did 4 loads of laundry and laid down when LilyRose took her nap. My mother had to go and order LilyRose's birthday cake for me and get all the other stuff I needed. We are having her very first party on Saturday night for the family. Today was a little better, I still fell like crap and have a slight fever that comes and goes and my body is still screaming for mercy. I am going to go to sleep now. I hope you enjoy the pics. Remember to click on them if you want to see them close up.

Joseph got another trophy last night and the coach said a nice little speech for each boy on the team as he gave them the throphy. It has his name and jersey # on it. It is really very nice. Joseph had a great season.

Thanks for stopping by. Watch for LilyRose's 2nd birthday party stories and pictures. She will 2 on September 4th.


Jenni said...

Good times and GREAT pics!! Feel better Lisa!!

lara said...

Ahh so sorry you have been so poorly, hope you feel better really soon.another well done to Joeseph.
Lisa you crack me up with your expressions of things , we would get on so well.
photos are fab but really looking forward to the birthday pics LilyRose birthday is the same day as my parents anniversary.
I hope she has a truly wonderful birthday x lara

Isabella's Mommy & Daddy said...

Congrats to Joseph on the trophy...
Sounds like you had a BLAST at Hershey Park...
Love the pictures...
Hope you get to feeling better before the birthday girls party..
Can't wait to see the pictures..
Take care