Friday, December 22, 2006

OUCH x's 2

Well, I survived the 2 shots but boy did they hurt. First off, I would like to know why the nurses would take phone calls when they are in the room with you? The nurse that was giving me my shots knows that I have a problem with needles, so why, why would she take a phone call right before she was going to give me a shot? Here she is fixing both needles and putting a lot of "juice" in each needle right in front of me. Like, "helloooo, that is going to be in my arm a lot longer then necessary with all that "juice". So, now I get ready to get the shot and the phone rings. Best part is, she picks it up and starts talking. By now the sweat is pouring off me and dripping down my back and I'm getting dizzy. I start waving at her to move it along and she hangs up and gets ready to shoot me up. So, the first shot is the flu shot. She says to me, "you ready" and as I am about to tell her "no" she sticks me. Well, I almost pee in my pants and actually yelled Ouch. She cracks up laughing like it's the funniest thing she has ever seen or heard. Me, I am not to happy because my arm is bleeding and I feel faint. Now off to the next arm. So I am ready for her to say "you ready" well she didn't say that. She just sticks the needle in my arm and again, I yell Ouch. I look at her and asked her where the warning was. She laughs and said "I gave you a warning on the other arm, one warning per patient." WHAT?????????? I know she was joking but still, give an old girl a break here. I survived, but my arms will bare the scars. LOL

I go to Joseph's holiday party and it was really cute. Although my son is sick and boy did he look sick. I wanted to take him home but he didn't want to leave. He loves school. The kids were cute and I am glad that I was able to be there for this party. The cupcakes were a big hit. Nothing like having someone else do all the hard work and you getting to take all the credit. I even got to take a few home. Some kids were out sick or something.

Well, I just got Joseph off the bus and his Christmas vacation officially begins. He is a mess. He has fever and this dry hacking cough with a major stuffed nose and he is down stairs with my mother and I think he is coughing all over her lunch right now, because I hear her telling him to take a walk. HAHA The party begins.

I am going to try to make him take a rest right now. More again later....


lara said...

That is so funny about the warning , glad you survived , have a great christmas and i hope when i check in again you will have TA .

Dannye said...

Did you at least get a lollipop for being good and getting your shots??? You should have (especially without the second warning shot).