Monday, December 11, 2006

Our Baby Shower - Dec. 3, 2006

How bad am I!!!!!!!

My mom and my cousin Gina gave us a Baby Shower on December 3rd. I am just posting about it now. Here is the invitation, how cute is this!!!!! I was waiting to receive some pictures of the shower, but have not received any yet. Not from the lack of trying though. I will take pictures of the "opened gifts" and post later.

I have to say that they tried to keep it a secret, but considering that I live in this house (upstairs) they did a good job up until the very weekend of the shower. When I saw my cousin Gina here that Friday night cutting cheese (how funny does that sound) I kinda knew. Then Saturday when Anthony's cousins Maryann & Joe (Lily's godfather) sent the chairs over, wellllllll, I knew. So Sunday, I got up, took my time getting ready and went downstairs way after Gina got here. The house was decorated and it looked great. Although it was Lavender (really don't like Lavender) but nice all the same. So Anthony and I went out so that my family and friends didn't feel funny when they got here and I answered the door. Joseph stayed home because he knew that one of his friends were coming here with his family.

We went shopping so I could get my charm bracelet for all my Chinese Charms that I have. Then we went to pick up the hero for the "boys" that were going to be upsatirs while all the "girls" were downstairs for the shower. Then I even went to pick up the cake. Nothing like helping out for your own shower. lol So, we got home and when I walked in I yelled "SURPRISE" As I am kissing everyone hello I walked up to my friend Lori who adopted a beautiful little girl named Paige in June. I am saying hello to the baby and I notice 2 ladies one standing and one sitting. It just didn't register who they were. My mother says "Look who's here" Well, it was Stacey and Danita from my agency. I think I let out some kind of scream and just hugged Stacey first and then Danita. That was my surprise. I had no idea they were coming down from Delaware. It was a highlight of my day. I really love these girls. Mind you, I have only met them once, but talk to them more then I do my own husband. I have a very strong bond with them.

So, then we ate. My mother had food for like 100 people. I think we had something like 45 women in our house. Then of course all I kept hearing was open your gifts, open your gifts. So I opened my gifts. Joseph helped me out, he was so excited to be a part of this day. He gave his sister the cutest Robeez shoes. They have Ladybugs on the front of them. My poor mother hid my card and then forgot where she put it. She had a picture of the baby's furniture that she bought for us. She was so upset and I didn't let anyone know that she bought it either. It slipped my mind. So, to let you all know "MY MOTHER BOUGHT LILY ROSE HER BEDROOM FURNITURE" Lily's Godfather Uncle Joe and Aunt Maryann also gave a gift card to put towards the furniture. Aunt Gina, Lily's Godmother bought the stroller for her. I will do another post with other gifts and pictures and who bought what after this. I need to get the gifts in order.

I was very happy with my shower and all the great gifts for Lily Rose. She is one LOVED little girl and she is OURS.

I have to send out THE BIGGEST THANK YOU to my MOTHER & COUSIN GINA FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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