Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We have our Christmas Tree up

We put our decorations up Thanksgiving weekend and I am just getting around to posting these pictures. I am so laxed lately. I had Anthony pull down ALL of our decorations and then decided to put up only a few. Our tree is usually covered with ornaments, but I felt that since we are waiting for TA and it can come at any time, I didn't want to have all these decorations that I would have to take down and put away either before we left for China or when we got home. So, only a few. Joseph had to put all of his though, which is ok because last year we did not put anything up because of the construction. We also put some stuff outside but I have not taken a picture of that yet. When I do I will add it here. I have to say that I put most of my Lenox collections out. If you know me, you know I love Lenox. My China is Lenox, all my lighting in the house is Lenox and my everyday dishes and silverware are Lenox. I even have Lenox in my bathroom. I would have named my daughter Lenox but Anthony said "no way". I told him, now I have to buy Lily Rose some Lenox for her room. I have to see if they have a Lenox ladybug. How exciting. The Santa and the Snowman was made by ME in ceramics. The doll pillows are so cute. Another favorite of mine is Gingerbread Men. I guess you can say I have a lot of favorites.

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lara said...

How funny i used to work for a lady with the surname Lennox , love the tree i havent done mine yet