Sunday, November 19, 2006

APC Adoption Conference

Well, today was the APC's 26th Annual Tri-State Adoption Conference at C.W. Post College. Anthony and I went last year when they had it in New Rochell. That is how we spent our 1 year wedding annivsary. That was the beginning of our journey to Lily Rose. We went this year because we are now in the SN program and wanted to hear some of the International Specialist speak. Well, I am so glad that we went. We met wonderful people today. First off we met Bruny & Joe. A wonderful couple that lives 20 minutes away from us and they are also adopting a little girl from China. They are going the NSN route and have a LID of 4/4/06. We wish them lots of luck in their journey to their little girl Faith. We hope to become friends with this family and have our girls know each other. I will be calling Bruny sometime next week.

We were listening to Dr. Jane Aronson speak and I asked a question about our daughters SN and when the lecture was over a women came up to us and asked if she could speak with me. Well, I am so very glad that she did. She has a daughter with a similar SN from China that our Lily Rose has and she offered her knowledge to us, which I am grateful for. Her name is Lauren and she also is the Co-Coordinator of the FCC L.I. Region. We spoke for a while and I felt a connection with her. I will be joining the FCC LI group this week.

Right after I met Lauren, another woman came up to me and ask to speak with us. Her name is Michelle and she has extensive knowledge of our daughters SN. She gave me her number and e-mail address and a few places I can call for info on Lily's SN. I have to say, just meeting these 4 people made my day. I was very happy today even though Anthony and I were up and out @ 6:30am.

We also got to see some of the great people from our agency. It was a lot of fun talking and laughing with them and just hanging out. The info at this conference is awesome. We walked around and spoke with different people and it was just great. We also got to see the International Specialist that we used to look over Lily's medical reports from China. We will see him 2 weeks before we travel and then Lily Rose will see him when we return home with her.

So, all in all it was a great day and I look forward to next years confernece.

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lara said...

So glad you both had a great weekend and that you got to meet some people who will be a help to you when you bring Lilyrose home.