Thursday, November 02, 2006

My Mom Is Great

My mom has been great. At first, she wouldn't talk much about the adoption because she felt that if she got over excited and things didn't work out, that would be a heartache for her that she could not handle. So now that we are moving towards something HUGH (which I will talk about in a later post) she can finally be excited. She is planning a baby shower for me and she has started to buy things for her new granddaughter. She really is very happy. I have to laugh because the shower is a surprise but we live in the same house. The construction on her part of the house is finished. We are almost finished on our part. So we have been cleaning her part like nuts so of course I "know" that the shower is soon. I am very grateful to her and my cousin Gina who will be Lily Rose's Godmother. Gina has been running around and coming here and helping my mom with all kinds of things. I have to say that I have been blessed with a great family. Yesterday, my mother and I ran to Toys R Us for some Christmas gifts for my son. Well, we came across the "seven dwarfs" and my mother had to buy them for Lily Rose. The cutest plush toys ever. Can't find snow white in a plush toy but still looking. I will post a picture in another post. But for now here are some of the things my mom got. The first little dress has little ladybugs on it. The white dress has little hearts all over it. This is a beautiful dress. My mother loved the 2 sweatsuits and she picked up the red ladybug also. So, our daughter is being so spoiled and she is not even home yet. But that's what it is all about.


alison said...

Wow, Lily is going to be the best dressed girl in town!! Alison

lara said...

hi Lisa thanks for your post , you have had some really lovely presents hope you have a fantastic baby shower we dont do that in the U.K , i wish we did.