Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween Is Over

Thank God it's over. This is one of my worst days. I have never liked Halloween, even as a kid. I would never get dressed up or go trick or treating. My brother would share his candy with me every year. So how ironic that this is one of Joseph's favorite days. He got up at 6:15 am and stood by my bed and didn't say a word until I opened my eyes. Then it was a free for all. He wanted to get dress at that very moment. The school allows the kids to wear their costume for the day. It was a crazy morning. Then he got home and he was ready to go. His Godmother loves Halloween also. (see picture) She gets dressed up every year and comes over and takes Joseph trick or treating. I usually walk behind them and she takes him to the doors.
This was the first year that Joseph wanted to have a scary costume. So he choose Scream. He loved it. We started out at 4:30 and got home at 6:30 we had dinner and then we go to my cousins house a few blocks away. We have done this same routine since we moved out here. So needless to say, Joseph has like 3 full bags of candy. Thank God he knows that he cannot eat that much and we send most of it to the school for the teachers to give out during the day.
But for all the moaning I do, I get a kick out of Joseph every year. When he goes up to the door and the people say "take as much as you want" Joseph will take one piece and say "Thank You". I always get compliments on that from each person who answers their door. He might be the biggest pain in the neck sometimes, but he is very polite. He can't wait for his sister to get home so that he can take her trick or treating. I hope all the children had fun yesterday.

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