Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Phone Call Details

Ok, here is how it happened for all of you that asked me for details on the CALL.

I call AH on a regular basis. Yesterday I called in the morning but the answering machine came on and I hung up. lol Joseph was off from school yesterday because of Parent/Teacher Conferences. So he had a boy scout "go-see-it at Carvel. I didn't hear my phone ring and when I got home I happen to see that I missed a call. It was my agency's phone number but no message. So at 1:46 pm, I called Stacey back and we were just talking about nothing important and then I asked her what she was so happy about and she told me that they just sealed the envelope with someone's Dossier in it and where sending it to China. So yes that is a happy thing.
Now, I usually ask Stacey if she heard anything on our PA and she always tell me "no". So I said to her "I am not even going to ask you if your heard anything on our PA because you never do". So, Stacey got really quite and finally said, "well, I don't have anything officially in writing, but you do have a verbal PA"!!!! Well, I almost fell to the floor. I was jumping up and down and sputtering words which I don't even know what I was saying. She then starts to tell me that I need to have my travel meeting very soon because TA can come at anytime. WOW, was so not prepared to hear that. I have so much to do and I have no idea where to start. I am on overdrive now. Have not slept because my mind is going a mile a minute and to top it all off, I have to start calling for Jury Duty in a week. Can you believe that.
I am not going to stress out just yet. I will get it all done and hopefully it will all work out. So that is my story. I hope you enjoyed.

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lara said...

you have some really exciting times ahead of you , i am sure you will get it all done and more.