Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ok, Ok This is Lily's SN

Alright, this is for everyone that keeps asking me what Lily Rose's special need is. She has a "Hearing Abnormality in her right ear". She had 2 hearing test and we had 3 ENT's check them out. The first 2 specialist are with Winthrop Hospital here in L.I. Dr. Lee is the Specialist that we contacted to look over her medical report, but he is not and ENT so he asked his colleagues to look it over for us. I don't think they really wanted to because they were not being compensated for their time and they were very vague and said that the reports were inconclusive. " Ok, thanks a lot for your help!!!!" I posted on one of the groups that I belong to just asking if anyone had experience with this type of SN and I got a ton of responses. One women in particular wrote to me and told me her husband was an ENT and that he would be very happy to look at her medical for FREE. Can you believe that their are still wonderful people in this crazy world. So I e-mailed Lily's reports to him and he called me on the phone 2 days later. He told me that the first test was no good. He said it was way off the charts and it was probably not done right. That test was done in Feb. 06 They gave her another test in July 06 and he said that although it was done at a very high level of sound, it seemed from what he read that she can hear and that maybe she just has a slight problem. It really is a leap of faith that we are going on, but at that point I had her picture for 1 month and I was crazy, mad in love. Anthony and I decided that whatever her problem is, we will just do what we have to do to get it fixed. God so had his hand in this whole process and I refuse to turn my back on what he made so clear to us.
Chen, HengYun aka Lily Rose is our daughter then and now. She will be loved just like I love my son Joseph. I always said that "Joseph was the reason I was born." So now Lily Rose is also the reason I was born.


lara said...

And LilyRose will be one lucky girl having a mum like you to love her!!

Manette said...

Congratulations Lisa, Anthony, and Joseph! I can't wait until I can read about your journey to get little miss Lily Rose!!! Sending you all lots of hugs... Matt, Manette, Matthew, and Chynna Stanley