Monday, November 06, 2006

A Big Thank You to a Special Family

I have to send out a big Thank You to the Cox Family. First off, thank you Maureen for notarizing all of our documents. What a huge help that was to us. To Noel for helping Anthony paint the 2 new added rooms in our home. That saved him so much time. To Kathleen, Elizabeth and Thomas. You guys are great. Thanks for being such good friends to Joseph. How much fun will we have in the summer of 2007 with LilyRose here? This family has given us so much for our daughter Lily. Beautiful clothes that were saved from when the girls were young. Beautiful little green velvet dresses for the holidays, Mary Janes, lots of summer dresses and so much more. I am trying to get some pictures to show what great stuff we got from the Cox Family. The girls gave Lily a doll accessory set which includes a doll crib, stroller, highchair, doll carrier. I have to take a picture of this because it is the cutest. We are truly blessed with wonderful friends. Love you guys.

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