Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Just a little info on Lily Rose

I have some time this morning to post about Lily Rose. She just went down for a nap because she got up a few times last night.

She has a great personality. She is very, very loving and will put her arms up to either one of us when she wants to be held, which is most of the time. :) I have no problem holding her all day and night. She is so petite. She has about 8 teeth and when she smiles her little face scrunchs up. So cute. She is a little unsteady on her feet yet, but she walks pretty good. After her bath yesterday I brushed her hair and then this morning she walked over to the brush and started to brush her own hair. She is super alert and loves to look at everything.

She loves warm water and very warm formula. The cheerio's are a huge hit and she eats anything we put on her plate. She has a great appetite. This morning she had French Toast and loved it. Everytime she put a piece in her mouth she would laugh and smile. She watched cartoons this morning and just sat here and laughed. She is starting to reach for my hand to hold now when she sits with me. She loves to look at us and gives us that cute little face when we smile at her. You know that shy look when they put their chins on the shoulder? Well that's what we have been getting all morning.

I will post more as it happens. I am so very happy that we finally have her and I can't imagine my life without her. I will take more pictures today when we go out sightseeing.

Changsha is beautiful and the people are super friendly and we are having a great time here.

Hi Joseph, I hope you are feeling better. I was very sad to hear that you are not feeling well and that I am not there to help you get better. But I know Grandma is doing a great job. Your sister has a little cold also. Not anything major, but I feel bad she is not feeling well either.

Talk more later.


Anonymous said...

lisa, i tried to post earlier and couldn't. I am so thrilled for you guys. I cry with every post you write(I am so emotional!!) Enjoy that beauty. I can't wait to meet her. That shy look is the best:)

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks for the good cry... CONGRATS to you all!!! This is an unbelievable journey and being able to read and see pictures makes it even more beautiful and amazing! She is so lucky to have you two for parents...you have displayed unconditional love for her, and to that she will be thankful for you both when she gets older and can understand. I love the pics... she is beautiful and sounds like she has a great personality! Bless you all. As soon and you get settled and things calm down I want to come see her. Have a nice rest of your journey. I look forward to reading more!
Cousin Kristy :)

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

I'm glad you guys are having fun. Looks like it. Lily Rose is just adorable!!!!!!! I know you all are so happy to finally have her. She is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Enjoy your time in China, it goes by so quickly! Give Lily Rose a hug for me :)
Lots of love

Anonymous said...

I was just on the phone w/Michele and as I was guiding her thru to your blog, we noticed the posting. I could hardly contain myself! What a special time for you. I can just imagine how magical it is to see her experience all these new and wonderful things. She sounds soooooo sweet! Have a great time and take plenty of pics......

Anonymous said...

I was on the phone w/Michele guiding her thru to your blog and we saw the new post. I could hardly contain myself! It must be so magical seeing her experience all the new and wonderful things that she will be exposed to. She sounds sooooooo sweet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, Anthony & Lily, Well it is night time here in NY (Tues 2/6, 11:20pm) and it is afternoon on Wed by you in China. We hope your having fun siteseeing today, we look forward to some pictures of what you do today. Thomas & I tried to visit with Joseph and your mom today but they were out. We will try again another day. Its really cold here the last few days. Hopefully the warm weather will come back soon. I forwarded the website to George, Janet and Denise so they could see the pictures of Lily. George said in his email he hopes all turns out the way you hoped and good luck with your new addition. Denise said the pictures are adorable. Got to go for now will talk with you and write again soon. Love Maryann & Joe PS: Hugs and Kisses to all of you

lara said...

Hi Lisa, i am finally able to post .LilyRose is adorable i am over the moon for you.Sorry you have had your time ruined by such negative people , all i can say is that you are an amazing person who has been a great friend in cyber land . I know that i can email you and you will always listen,they are not many people in the world like that but you are .enjoy the rest of your journey big hugs to all of you

Anonymous said...

Lily Rose is Adorable!! Congrats on your new daughter! Everything sounds like she's doing just fine with you :)
Can I post a picture on the adoptdeafchina yahoo group????

The Heller's said...

Lisa, Anthony & Lily Rose,
I am so thrilled to hear that you are all sharing smiles, giggles and new adventures together! I am so happy for you guys and can't wait until you are back home and I can talk to Lily Rose on the phone!
Lots of love, hugs & kisses (for Lily! GRIN),

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! Hi Anthony! Sounds like you are having a wonderful time...we're all anticipating your arrival home with the newest member to our family. I don't think I've accomplished much work this week...I just keep reading your posts and looking at Lily's pictures over and over and over again! I miss you guys! Keep them coming! Love you all!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!

Congrats! Lily Rose is so beautiful and you guys look great togehter, you were meant to be. She is a very fortunate child to have you guys as her parents. You are equally fortunate to have such a bundle of joy to hold. You must be having an incredible time and we are so happy for you. Even Joe has been glued to your site and he hates looking through websites; he thinks you are hysterical.We have been trying to post unsuccessfully, I hope this one goes through, if not I will write you on your other email. Hope you continue to enjoy your time there, can't wait 'till you come home and can't wait to finally meet Lily. Talk to you soon, Bruny

Maura's 玠玠 said...

Lily Rose is just adorable! I am so glad that you finally have her! I hope you have a great trip in China with Lily Rose! She is beautiful! Congratulations!
Jie Jie to Maura Xiao Mei
b. 10/27/05
(AnnaClaire's Twin :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lisa,Anthony and Joseph!
Lily Rose is beautiful (she looks like her Grandma)! Have a safe trip home. Enjoy every minute of your trip.
Barbara, Joanna and Jerry