Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Can't we all just get along?

Ok, what happened here? I posted about a day that I had that was not one of my better ones and I come on here to post pictures of our most important day in China and THE BEST ONE OF ALL and I have women ripping me apart. I don't get it. I didn't say anything bad about China or the people. I was telling about a day that I had where I was not feeling well and missing my son beyond anything that I ever felt before and wanting to curl up in a ball because of it and I am being beaten up for no reason. I post here about my "off" day and the next thing I hear is that it is on the boards. WHO put it on the boards? This is my blog. I thought that you were allowed to post how you feel on your own blog. I don't know why you are offended by what I write. You actually read it out of context. If you knew me you would understand how I write and how I come across. That is the problem when you have strangers reading your stuff. If it wasn't that I have so many "strangers" that are interested in our journey I would have this blog private. So, I won't say not to come here and read because I know you will, but please do me a favor and not comment on here. I deleted your comments because I don't want my son and daughter to read this kind of stuff. I will leave the post here so that when I print this all out my daughter will see it and I will explain it to her the right way. The way it was intended to be read because she will "know me". I won't be made to feel afraid to post here what I am feeling. You are welcome to come here and read and look at my family but again I ask you not to post negative things. Trust me when I say that I would never post anything negative on anyone's site that is being done for their future children. It is so not nice and it is hurtful. I have read some really weird things on some sites but it's not for me to post bad things to someone. I hope this is the last I hear of this. Thanks for my friends that stuck up for me. I really appreciate it.


Anonymous said...


I was not going to comment on this. They are just trying to get a rise out of someone.

But, I wanted to say that those of us who know you and love you know better. We know how much you love your daughter and that you didn't mean any harm. For the rest, just igonre them and use that nice delete feature!!


Anonymous said...

This comment is NOT for my friends, Lisa & Anthony who have opened their hearts in a way that is very special - it is for those who left negative feedback:

Why is it that you feel that you are entitled to leave negative comments about Lisa and her handling of her journey, BUT Lisa is not entitled to leave negative comments about her experience?? This is, after all, LISA's journey and she is sharing this very special time with all who choose to read about it. This is a very emotional time for Lisa & Anthony and Lisa should be able to post ALL of her feelings as she takes this "roller coaster ride". It is not fair to assess her and pass judgement when you do not know who she is. I, however, DO know who she is - I have known Lisa for 28 years and I can tell you that Lily Rose will be a very loved little girl. If you really do not like the way Lisa is posting, with all due respect, stop reading her blog. Pretty simple, no?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
I am so glad to see you are doing so great with Lilyrose. Anthony is just gonna love being the big brother.Such beautiful family.I didnt know anything about the "turmoil" regarding your post as i only go on the quilt site and Iaap group. Blow them off. you know the people that really count to you don't feel that way and any "friends" are behind you. I for one am happy for the heads up regarding the never ending "hands" that seem to have reached for you. Good to know so I can be prepared when I go to get Zoe. Life is not always peaches and cream...there is always some good and some bad. Thank you for speaking honestly about what you have been thru.

so thrilled that you are with your lil girl. soon you will be back with anthony. how great will that be. Take care and just worry about yourself... Bonnie P

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

PS... She is absolutely beautiful. Hey little one, we don't have a great big wall, but you will have all of us and we are all you need.

Uncle Ralph
PSS... And don't you cry when you see me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
I don't know you, you don't know me, but I will say this... if all of your previous posts are up, I don't see at all what there was ANY fuss about. Hey peeps, did you not see the lady is a New Yorker? lol If it was the comments about the steps of the Great Wall that created a comments, I'm at a loss... I'm with you. I'm sure I'd be sitting too! I didn't find that offensive, and didn't take it that you were complaining about the country in any way. I think the same after several places I've visited in the US, but I'm no less patriotic! ... and I wouldn't be happy with 250 degrees in public places either. I complain here in Florida that they overcompensate for a little cool weather! LOL

Anyway girl, Congratulations!!! Baby girl is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!

Sandi (another China mom)