Sunday, February 11, 2007

Our last day in Changsha

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't posted but we were so tired yesterday. We went to 2 different parks and walked our butts off. The first park was the DuFu JiangGe. It was awesome. It is a memorial to all the poets of Changsha. The paintings were beautiful. WE got some great video and I hope I got some good pictures. While we were there, Jacky bought what looked like cheese doodles, but they were made out of corn. So corn doodles they are. Anyway, Lily Rose absolutely loved them. She was double fisting. This child loves to eat and will try anything you put in front of her. So she basically stayed with Jacky because he had the bag of corn. Anthony and I got to really see this beautiful building and all the carvings and pictures. I loved it. Then we get in the car and Lily Rose is going to town on this bag of corn doodles and we are all talking and all of a sudden I look down and her head is down. I thought she was looking at her new black shoes but when I looked she was really sleeping with her head on the corn bag. I couldn't get to my camera and she woke up from all of us laughing. But it is something I will remember for a very long time.

Next we went to another park and I think it was called Motar Park or Mother Park. I cannot for the life of me remember. Anyway, this park was great. It was packed with people and everytime we stopped to look at something a crowd of people would surround us. And there's Anthony waving to everyone and shaking hands and talking with them. They loved us. I tried to get some pictures of the kids but most of them were really shy. I think I got 1 or 2. There was a group of teenage girls that walked by us and I said hello to them and they went nuts. Jacky told me that they never saw Americans before and they felt honored that I said hello to them. That was a great feeling. All the while that this is happening, Lily Rose is still eating these corn doodles. All the older Chinese women would come up to us and Lily Rose and want to touch us and they kept telling us Thank You and baby is very Lucky. I really love this place and I can't wait to come back with my kids. WOW, I love saying that, KIDS. I have Kids. Whoo Hoo!!!!!! We spent a lot of time at this park and I am so glad we did. We actually saw a dating service right in the park and all these single men and women were there trying to make a match. An outdoor version of Did I mention that the women of Changsha are gorgeous? I feel very plain next to these women. They dress really nice and are just so beautiful. Watch out boys, here comes Lily Rose. Joseph you will be one busy big brother.

After that, we came back to the hotel to give Lily Rose lunch. I really didn't think she would eat but she did. She is a very happy baby and she is a MAMA'S GIRL!!!!!!! If I walk out of the room she is right behind me. She still is a big daddy's girl, but I am holding my own. She talks up a storm and all the staff at the Dolton love her. The head doorman asked us to take pictures with him and then this morning he had them sent to our room and he also sent us a gift thanking us for being so kind to him and the entire staff here. We are always downstairs hanging out with them and talking and joking around. The staff at the Coffee Garden were super nice to us all week and last night after dinner we hung around with them talking and they were loving Lily Rose. I gave each girl a gift for being so nice to us all week. I gave them one of the canvas totes with the American Flag on it and they were all so very happy. I really love this hotel and anyone that will be coming to Changsha should definitely stay here and you have to go to the Photo place. They were wonderful there and the pictures came out great. I can't wait to download the CD they gave us so that you can see Lily Rose.

We were suppose to be on a plane to Guangzhou right now (11am) but our flight was changed to 7:45pm tonight. I don't know why and I really wish we were going now because I don't want to sit here anymore. It also means that we are coming to the end of our journey in China and I really, really need to get home to see my son. I didn't think it was possible to miss someone so much. I think of him morning, noon and night and while I sleep too. I can smell him at times and my heart hurts so bad that I want to curl up and die. My mother told me yesterday that after we hang up from calling him, he is really sad and that hurt me so much. Ok, I have to stop because I can't see the keyboard with the tears rolling out of my eyes like a waterfall. This feeling is bad.

Anthony and Lily Rose went for a walk. She loves to be outside. I needed to post so they left for a while. I wonder how she will do on the plane? Speaking of planes, I would like to say hello and thank you to Sandi. She was a flight attendant on Continental on our way to China and she posted a comment here. Thanks for checking in. Hope you keep checking even when we are home so you can see Lily Rose enjoy NY. Thanks.

Well, I wanted to tell everyone that we miss them and love them and can't wait to get home. I wanted to thank my friend Peggy. You really made a difference the other day. But I knew you would. Thank you very much my "forever friend".

Mom and Ralph we miss you and love you and we can't wait to see you again. Ralph, is there anyway you can postpone your trip for a while so that we can hang out with you before you go? Anthony and I really, really don't want you to go and I have thought about it a lot while we were here and it's not a good thing for you to leave us. So, change your mind, OK?!!!!!!

Joseph as always, we miss you and love you and it's 4 more days. 4 days will go fast. Love You


The Heller's said...

So glad to hear that things are going well. I am also glad that I was of some kind of help. I love you and I am so very, very proud of you and how you have handled this long journey. I simply cannot wait to see you all and to hold Lily Rose in my arms and tell her all about her wonderful forever Mama & Daddy & big brother, Joseph. If I could figure out some way to be at the airport I would be there!
You know where to find me!
Love you guys lots,
Peggy....aka Aunt Peggy to you Lily Rose!

Anonymous said...

Hee Lee, I am so happy that you are having such a good experience...from the people that you meet to the places that you visit and your hotel too...everything sounds wonderful!

I am sure the women are beautiful as you state, but I have to seriously doubt that YOU look "plain" - NOBODY in your family is are all beautiful! :)

I am sad for you on how much you miss Joseph - that has to be harder than anything, but like you said 4 more days...the longest part is over AND you get to bring him his little sister - a lifetime gift!!

Enjoy your last 4 days too because you will be back home before you know it.

Love, Liz

Anonymous said...

Lee - Forgot to ask in my last post, what size is Lily Rose?? Is she in 18 month clothes?? Let me know. Thanks, Liz

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! Each day sounds more and more amazing. I can't believe your journey in China is coming to end and you'll be home before you know it. The pictures are awesome. It really look beautiful there. I love you and miss you both. Lily, I love you too and cannot wait to meet you. Hugs & Kisses!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys - I am so sorry I missed you yesterday - the pics are wonderful. What an amazing place to visit and how great it will be to share those with Lily when she gets older. By now you should be at your next destination which means you will be home very soon. Please continue to take lots of pictures of your journey - it's such a beautiful story. I didn't call your mom, for the life of me - I couldn't find her phone number. I even looked online to see if I could get it she wasn't listed. Of course not - not with home invasions out there! Anyway - we will talk to you when you get back on Friday. I know you are anxious to get home to Joseph, he will understand everything much better once he gets to meet his sister. It doesn't make it easier at all but once you are all together as a family, it will be so wonderful that the pain you are feeling now will all be worth it! Yes - you will be with your KIDS - plural! I think this whole story is absolutely wonderful, a true fairy tale. We can't wait to see you guys and meet Lily. Safe travels. Love and miss you, Lisa and Derrick

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Anthony and Lily Rose, I have been following your journey through China and so happy for all of you. This has been so exciting and can't wait to see her. The pictures are priceless and Lily Rose is the most adorable little girl. What a lucky little girl she is to have such loving parents. I know Grandma Lily can't wait to see her little Princess ! Brother Joseph is on count down now to. Annie & John (Joanie & Carl & Godmother Gina's friends)

lara said...

fantastic photos lisa so glad you having a brilliant time ,not long now and you will be home with both your Kids!!!!

kris said...

So glad I found your site today... am off to read some more, congrats!!

alison said...

I feel you pain for missing Joseph. On our first trip to China I missed my 2 kids so bad I almost couldn't talk by the end of the trip for fear of bursting out into tears. That's the main reason we took our 6 year old on our last trip so I could at least have one of my kiddos with me. I still missed the 2 that we left behind this time so bad that it "hurt." I swear the next time we go to China they are ALL coming. Hoping your next few days just fly by so you can get home to your Joseph. Of course, I'm loving the pictures of LilyRose!! What a great personality she must have!!

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Anthony,
Lily is just beautiful. Who needs TV, we're always checking on you guys. Can't wait to see her in person.
Barbara, Joanna and Jerry

Anonymous said...

I love the mary janes!

Tracy in VA

Donna & Andrew said...

Hey Lisa,
WOW the pictures you guys have taken are breathtaking. Hope that you have (had) a safe journey and that Lily Rose enjoyed her first plane ride.

Jenni said...

Enjoy Guangzhou!! The pictures were beautiful from today!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa and Anthony! Lily looks and sounds like she is doing great! See Lisa, I told you she would fall for her Mommy!!

If you see this, please remind us what size clothes she is wearing!

Can't wait to talk to you...