Sunday, February 04, 2007

We had a great day

Ok, where to begin. Our guide picked us up @ 8:30 am and we went to a Jade Factory. We saw how they made Jade Statues. I was looking at the bangle bracelets and I pick out a beautiful one for Lily Rose for when she gets older. So the girl says to me , "try it on", I pull up my sleeve and everyone starts to laugh. So you know me and my faces, I ask the guide what they were laughing at and she says, " your diamonds"!!!! They asked so many questions about why I have so many on and where did I get them all from. I only have my engagement ring and wedding band on and the ring my son gave me and the bracelet. So, of course there's Anthony with that grin that says, "I bought them for her". So anyway back to the bracelet. They were pushing this particular bracelet and I finally asked them how much it was. As I am asking she pulls out the receipt book. I'm like, "Hold on a minute, how much"? She tells me "$910.00 USD". Now it was our turn to laugh. Well needless to say, we didn't get that one. So, that was the 2nd laugh of the day for me.

The first one I got was when Anthony's cousin Maryann called us @ like 7am. I had no idea who it was calling us. I didn't recognize her voice. She's yelling at me that I am gone one day and forgot her freakin' voice. So of course I got all choked up and Joe, her husband had to get on the phone and be his crazy self. But I was glad because I needed that laugh.

Now, onto the Great Wall. WOW. It was awesome. I was speechless. Which if you know me, you know that never happens. So ok, we start walking up the wall and I'm like this is insane. How does anyone do this. People were crawling up on their hands and knees. Half way up to the 2nd tower, I just sat down and told Anthony to go on up ahead of me. I could not move another step. First off none of the steps are the same size. Next it's just crazy to want to walk all the way up. Remember you have to come down again and it was harded to come down those steps. We stayed on the wall for a while and did a little shopping and then we went to the Fu Long Restaurant. They took us through the Cloissnone (SP?) factory where they make these beautiful Copper Wire Vases. Absolutely beautiful. We did a little shopping in there and then went to eat. The food was really good and the BEER was better.

Then we went to this awesome hotel to meet Ming, our agencies coordinator. She was super nice and we went through all of our papers to make sure everything was in order. After we left Ming, we went to the Harley Davidson Store. So not what we were expecting. I was really disappointed. They didn't have very much of a choice and so we picked up some t-shirts and when I went to pay, I almost fell on the floor. I can't speak of what we spent let alone type it. It was STUPID!!!!!! But Anthony said we will be the only ones in New York wearing Beijing Harley Shirts. My thoughts, big deal. But he was happy. Then we left there and went to the Acrobatic Show. That is a show not to be missed by anyone who comes to Beijing. It was great. We actually video taped the whole show. The only thing that I couldn't deal with was the heat. Everywhere you go, it is like 250 decrees. Horrible. It was also packed to gills. But I am glad we got to see it. Then we got back to the hotel @ 7:30pm. We stopped at the local store and got some snacks and waters and then came up and packed out suitcases because we leave early again tomorrow Feb.5th. More sightseeing and then onto the airport to fly to Changsha.

After we packed we went up to the bar and hung out for a while, but I was so tired that I came back to the room and went to sleep @ like 9:30pm. Anthony went back upstairs and hung out for a while longer and got back to the room @ about 12:30am and woke me up. So here I am typing and wide awake and he is sleeping. I am going to try to put pictures up now. Hope it works.
Joseph, I can't put into words how much I miss you. I love you more then life itself and I hope this will be the last time we are apart like this. I am counting the days to get back home to you. Hi Mom, I miss and love you.


Jenni said...

What a great day!! Fred was soooo disappointed that we didn't get to the Harley store!! Our guide said later on when she found our that had she known, she would have taken him by cab!! Oh well, looks like we saved some money!! LOL
Looking forward to tomorrow's post-back to work for me though tomorrow. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm sooooooo proud you climbed the wall. The photos are GREAT! What an awesome trip! I hope you are taking plenty of photos. Enjoy this adventure.....LOL.....Nancy

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa!!!!!!!! We miss you guys. Im so glad you were able to post pictures. I stopped by your moms yesterday and Joe's doing great! Tomorrow night, Monday Im taking him bowling...should be fun! I can't wait to see more pics and read more posts. I'll bring your mom and Joe over to see the blog and keep them updated. I love you both and Im so excited...can't believe your there and its really happening. Love you both! Carl and Joanie said to say hello and they'll see you when they get home from FL.

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Anthony,

It is 1:30 here in NC, so that would make it just after midnight, Monday night in China. Just a few more hours until Lily is in your arms at last. I am so excited for you both!! I hope that you are both able to calm your nerves and get some good rest tonight. We will be eagerly checking your blog to see that you have Lily!!