Friday, February 09, 2007

Some down time

Hey everyone,

Thanks for posting comments. Anthony and I love reading them. It is a big help knowing that you all are following and sending good thoughts our way. It would have been so very hard without that.

We took Lily Rose to the Guo Guo A Duo Children's Photo Studio. They were super nice and I am so glad that we knew about it. Thank you Alison H. Lots of the other families that were at our hotel didn't know about it until we started telling them. So a Swedish family went last night and one other family went today but they are leaving for Guangzhou tonight and it takes a day to get the pictures back, so I told them that I would bring it with us when we go to Guangzhou on Monday. So that made them very happy that they could have these pictures taken of their daughter. They have all these different Chinese outfits that you could put your baby in and they take these pictures and boy did Lily Rose come out great. We got some awesome shots. They also give you all the pictures on a CD so that you can print pictures out when you get home. So be prepared for some beautiful picture of Lily Rose.

We have a day off from sightseeing today so right now Lily Rose is sleeping. She is very attached to Anthony and will go to anyone that puts her arms out. She will go to me and hang out as long as she doesn't see Anthony. Then it's back to daddy. It is kinda hard to deal with this but it is what it is. Hopefully one day soon she will look for me the same way she looks for Anthony. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

We got back everything we sent to Lily in the care package. I was very surprised. The little doll that we sent her is her favorite thing. She hasn't let it go since we got her. I got the Chop and the finding ad and the Half the Sky report which our guide Jacky is translating for us. We also got the outfit she was found in. That was very emotional for me. I finally just opened the bag that it was in and took a look at it. God, I wonder what her mother was thinking. I know I am her mother now, but she has a Mother that must have loved her so very much. I mean come on, I love her more then life and I didn't give birth to her. Can you imagine what her mother felt? Well I can imagine what that woman felt and my heart breaks for her.

Lily Rose doesn't drink very much water and it is starting to make me a little nervous. She only drinks it if you feed it off a spoon. She will drink a bottle of formula at night, but only if she gets to hold it. She will not drink if Anthony and I try to hold her and feed the bottle to her. We have tried everything to get that to happen, but no go.

I have to say that I am very happy that my daughter is a lot like me. Whoo Hoo!!!!!! She has the same facial expression that I have and she is very stubborn. It is so very true what they say about Hunan girls. They are called Spicy Girls. So watch out because now there is 2 of us.

When she gets up in the morning she will just sit in her crib and talk. It is the cutest thing I have seen about her so far. When she finally gets you to get up and look at her she puts the biggest smile on her face. It is awesome. She is absolutely adorable and she belongs to us. It is amazing.
I love you Joseph. 7 more days and counting.


lara said...

Glad your having an awesome time , really loving following your journey .this will be my last message for a few days as we leave tomorrow to go home .Enjoy the rest of your time .

Anonymous said...

HI Lisa and Anthony,

You guys sound like you are doing really well. I hope that you had a nice relaxing day today. Lisa, the group before us at our agency just got their LOAs at 79 days. We are now on deck at 51 days!!

Can't wait til you guys are safe at home with Lily!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, Anthony & Lily, Well its morning here on Friday (2/9) and nighttime there and you have only 7 more days till you come home and we get to see you guys and Lily too. We are very excited and can not wait. Joe and I will be picking you up. I spoke to your Mom and everything is set. On your schedule I see you will be doing the museums the next 2 days, that should be alot of fun and I am sure you will learn alot. Enjoy your last 2 days in Chengsha and I hope your flight to Guangzhou is a safe one. I will not post to you over the next 2 days, going upstate for the weekend, of course I will check the site the moment I set foot in the door to see what I missed. I check it everyday, sometimes twice a day, so this will be difficult for me. Love and miss you guys. Remember to give Lily hugs and kisses from us, I am sure you are doing alot of that. She is so precious I am sure it is hard for you to let go of her. Love Maryann
PS: If she is a daddys girl, I guess that means she will love her Uncle Joe alot too, that could be scary, lol.

alison said...

I can't wait to see the pictures of LilyRose from the photo studio. I want to go back to Changsha just to have my 3 year old's picture taken. Hmmmm...I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon though. Our trip to the studio was our favorite thing in Changsha.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lisa, Anthony & Lily Rose...

I keep trying to send you a message and I do not know if you are receiving it. Anyway I am very happy for your family. Lily Rose is absolutely beautiful and so precious. I love your pictures and her baby cousin Jordan can't wait to meet her and play with her. You and Anthony look very happy. I am glad you guys are having a great time Joseph is one very lucky big brother. Have a safe trip see you when you come home. Cynthia

AnnaClaire's Jie Jie said...

I wish we had gone to the photo place. I can't wait to see the pictures of Lily Rose!

Oh and the whole baby/Dad thing WILL GET BETTER! AnnaClaire was so attached to my dad in China and not very attached to my mom. It seems like it was the same was as it is for you. Anyway, AnnaClaire is now a total Mama's girl!

Enjoy the rest of your time and say hi to Lily Rose for me. Tell her AnnaClaire sends her hugs!

Anonymous said...

(she's like you? that's a scary thought lee) ....
all the best to you all ...i'm sure joseph and your mom and family can't wait for your return...stay well,