Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Joseph

Well, 8 years ago today my son Joseph was born. He is the reason I breath. He is the BEST part of me. 8 years ago today my life began. I still go into his room at night just to watch him sleep, like when he was first born. I would sit for hours and just look at him when he was a baby. I couldn't believe that I created him and I was in awe of him. It is 6:30 pm right now and this time 8 years ago major labor set in. Boy was I NOT prepared for that. I remember being in the labor suite at my hospital and the nurse's were getting ready to change shifts. The nurse that I had was a real nasty ass. I remember telling her to get out of my room. I think if I was able to get up I would have thrown her out myself. She told me to act like a grown up and deal with the pain. It didn't surprise me that she never gave birth. I got the epidural and a 1/2 hour later they had to stop it because my legs went numb. So for a 1/2 hour I was doing good. Even after they stopped the epi I was ok, not great but doable. I remember being so hungry and I wanted something to eat but they told me no. Most of my family was in the waiting room, except my cousin Gina (Lily's Godmother she was working at Old Navy and she said they wouldn't let her leave. I never let her forget that lol) and they ordered food. Since I was alone, my 2 cousins Siri and Kristi were suppose to be in the delivery room with me. My cousin Kristi was hosting her annual Dinner Party. Can you imagine her surprise when I called her and told her I was in labor. She had to rush her dinner and had to give the desert to go. Siri who is Joseph's Godmother came into the room with ketchup on her face and when I asked her if she was eating a burger she told me "no". Helloooo, you have ketchup on your face. That is an on going joke in my family now. We talk about it every so often.
Well anyway, my beautiful son was born 10:29 pm. When the Dr. put him on my stomach, he peed and it almost got me in the face. The Dr. laughed and thought it was really funny, but when he took him off of me I guess Joseph wasn't finished because he peed in the Dr. face. So it was my turn to laugh. Right after that my body went into shock. I had a high fever and I was so cold. I remember the nurse's kept putting heated blankets on me, but I couldn't get warm. In my hospital they turn the lights down low and give the parents time to bond with your baby. I was alone, with this beautiful little boy and I was shaking like crazy and freezing and crying and wondering why I was alone. Then my saving grace came in, my MOTHER. Thank god she came in when she did. I really thought that I was going to drop my son. That is really the last thing I remember of that night. I didn't see my son again until the next morning. I had a high fever for the rest of the night so they wouldn't bring him in to see me. Not that I remember anyway. The next day I couldn't move. My coxis (sp?) bone was broken. Seems when he came out his face kept hitting into it and it broke. His face was really bruised. But I survived and we came home on Jan. 11th (his Godmothers b'day) and my new life began. I haven't looked back since.

Now he is 8 years old and what a great kid he turned out to be so far. I am so very proud of him and I love him more then life itself.
Ok, we are starting the 3rd and final party for Joseph's birthday now. I'll be back in a few to finish this post.
Ok, it's 11:15 pm and the day is almost over. Tonight was a nice end to the birthday parties. My cousin Gina was here (AGAIN)(she really is a stalker) and my very good friend Nikki and her 3 kids and Anthony's cousin Maryann and 2 of her sons. I have to say my son is LOVED. He so enjoyed his 3 parties and he is loaded with gifts. I don't remember 8 being like this for me!!!! Differnt times back then. Well, I am done for the night. I hope 9 is a little less crazy.
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Anonymous said...

IT WASN'T MY FAULT...thats all I have to say. ahahahaha! You know I would have loved to be there and besides, I think I've made up for lost time...helllooo stalker # 1 ring a bell? And once my beatiful goddaughter comes home, you might as well have Anthony add a room on for me and have Lillian set a plate on the table. LOL

Also, I just want to say that this website is awesome. Keep it up!

Love you,

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday Joseph!
Come on TA!! Hang in there Lisa, it's got to be soon!

Anonymous said...

Well, I was early for Lily's and now I am late for Joseph's.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSEPH!!! Sorry that we are late...