Monday, January 22, 2007


Well it is 11:43 am on Monday morning and we still have no CA. My agency told me this morning that we will have to wait until March. Can you believe it? They said that it would probably be a March 5th CA and that we would leave for China on the 21st or the 22nd of Feb. I flipped out. I mean, give me a break. The coordinator is trying to still get us in for Feb. but I have to tell you the JOY is gone. As of right now, I wish I never started this. My thoughts now are, if they get us in for a CA in Feb. something bad is going to happen, because it wasn't meant to be and I am playing with the fates. Can you see how nuts I am getting? lol I am thinking that I should call my agency and tell them to leave it alone. Maybe there is a reason other then the "mistake" that is taking place that we should wait until March. I for the life of me can't figure it out though. I called the travel agent to see what the airfares would be for us to leave the end of Feb. and come home the beginning of March and I have to say they are cheaper. But she also told me that to leave Feb. 1 and return sometime around the 14th got more expensive because it's shorter notice and the seats are filling up. So basically we are screwed. Either way you look at it I AM SO UNHAPPY.

I am questioning this whole thing now. Maybe we shouldn't have taken this on. Maybe it's not meant to be. Maybe I am suppose to suffer the rest of my life. Maybe it's a cruel joke and I am the only one who doesn't get the punch line. Maybe I am the joke and this was never going to happen from the start. Who knows. All I know is that I received the Coming to China Letter with my name on it and Lily's name on it. But I CAN'T go to her yet. That is the cruelest joke of them all. Now I know why me and LIMBO don't get along.

On a happier note, Joseph made his First Penance on Saturday. I was very happy to be home for that. He was so nervous, but he did great. Friday night we went to my cousins house for her Surprise 60th B'day. Hey Nancy, we got you good. I was very down in the dumps though. Then Saturday night, my cousin Joanie made me one of my favorite dinner for my B'day. Thanks Joan, it was worth waiting 3 years for. Then yesterday, my friend Lori came over with her little China Doll Paige to hang out and have dinner with us. That brighten up my weekend. Paige is absolutely beautiful. She loves Joseph and he was awesome with her. It really made him wish his sister was home already. Our friends Joey and Tricia and their son Joey came by also. It was great seeing the kids playing together and Joseph loving every minute of it.

I have to get moving because Lily's dresser is on it's way. The crib and mirror came last week. Now her room will be complete and I can post pictures. I can't wait. So some happiness I will have today.

Please keep your fingers crossed that we hear something tomorrow or better yet that we hear something before Lily Rose is of marrying age.


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Hang in there Lisa, the days will fly and Lily Rose will be in your arms before you know it.