Friday, January 05, 2007

Round 1

Ok, so we survived round 1 of Joseph's 8th birthday. We took Joseph and 4 of his friends to see Rocky Balboa and then went to Friendly's. We went to the 5:05 pm show and I have to tell you that it was a great time to be there b/c it was the 7 of us and 3 other couples in the whole movie. The boys were really good and they loved the movie. I was a little disappointed with it myself, but all in all it was good. Going to Friendly's on a Friday night at 7:30 pm was a huge mistake. It was packed. They were hungry and noisy and Anthony and I were just ready for bed. CRAZY is the word I will use for that excursion. But I absolutely love these 4 boys that we had with us. I hope my son stays friends with them well into his life. It was a fun night.

We have round 2 tomorrow night with family. I didn't invite everyone but we have about 15 people coming to the house for cake and coffee.

Tuesday is Joseph's real birthday. So I will have a small cake just for us and I will give him his many presents that I have for him. Anthony's cousins might stop by also and one of my good friends with her kids.

There are 4 other birthdays this month. Joseph's godmother Siri's is the 11th, my cousins son's 1st b'day is the 13th, my cousin Nancy is the 21st and I am the 23rd. So it is a pretty busy month for us.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow.....


Dannye said...

Wow, that is a lot of partying for you guys in January (I'd be pooped by the time Febuary rolls around).

P.S. Happy early birthday

lara said...

Happy Birthday to Joseph , your month of birthdays is as mad as ours!!