Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Still no TA - Just read upsetting news

Ok, someone from one of the groups I am on (one of many) just posted about new changes for the Waiting Child program. I thought that we would have heard something by now about TA's but I have to say that with this new rule things are NOT looking good for us. At this rate we will be lucky if we travel sometime in March or April. I really don't know what the hold up is for us but I guess it has something to do with this new rule. God, I hope not. I hope to GOD that tomorrow or Friday I "get the call" telling us that our TA is finally here. But with my luck I will get the call telling me that I fell into this new rule category and my worst fear has come true.
Here is what the new rule states:

Dear Families, With all of the new changes to the system at CCAA, we have just been made aware of another change that affects the Waiting Child program. Unfortunately, it seems as though CCAA will no longer be issuing TA's without first issuing an acceptance letter for the family to sign and return. It is not clear if the acceptance letters will arrive a little earlier than when you would normally expect your TA or if it will arrive around the same time you would normally begin to expect your TA. We will have to watch the upcoming groups for a while to make that determination. When I receive acceptance letters from CCAA, I will call the family/families and will overnight the letter via fed-ex for the parent's signature. I will need the letters to be signed and returned via overnight fed-ex so that they can be sent back to CCAA to await travel approval. When there is a group of families who receive their acceptance letters on the same date, they must all be sent back to CCAA together as a group. Therefore, it will be very important for families to sign and return them immediately so that one family does not hold up the rest of the group. We expect that the time frame from CCAA's receipt of your signed acceptance letters to the time that you can begin looking to receive the TA will be similar to that of the regular referral program. Right now, it is taking approximately 6-7 weeks. Understandably, this change is very disappointing to each of you who are already enduring the long, difficult wait to be united with your child. My heart goes out to you. Please do not allow the waiting and the program changes to steal the joy of this most wonderful journey to your child. When that 'gotcha' moment finally arrives, the joy of finally having your child in your arms will make this wait worth while.
In my eyes, this is the biggest kick in the teeth. I am so very angry and I am really, really tired. This is totally out of control. When we all heard of the new changes coming from the CCAA, we were told that they would not go into effect until May 1, 2007 and that for the people that had a LID already these would not be a problem. Well we are LID 8/9/06, and I guess we have a problem. It really blows my mind that my daughter is 16 months old and she has a family but she will have to sit there for the next 2 months or so without us. It's crazy. I know that I am rambling on and probably not making sense, so I think I will stop here and go hang out with my son.

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