Monday, January 01, 2007


My family would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. We wish for the New Year, Peace, Love, Health, and much Happiness.

For all the families waiting to bring their children home not only from China, but all the other countries we wish you everlasting Love.

So, New Years Eve was very quite here as my son and I are getting over being sick. My mother was not feeling well last night also. It was really hard trying to keep my eyes opened until the ball dropped. But once it did, we all went outside (I still don't know why we did that) some of our neighbors came out also and we wished all a Happy New Year and then I went inside and went to bed. Coughed all night long that I gave myself a huge headache. I still have not taken anything to help my cold along. I hate taking medicine of any kind.

My thoughts stayed on Lily Rose most of the day and night and I have to say that when the clock struck midnight I got very emotional thinking of our daughter. I can't even put into words the feelings I had because they are so strange to me. I have a daughter that I never met in person or held or touched, or kissed, but I have a daughter who will be 16 months old on Thursday, Jan. 4th. I sat in her room last night just trying to imagine her here, with her new toys, and dolls and her new clothes hanging in her closet and her freshly painted walls of the lightest pink and it broke my heart. When I was pregnant with Joseph I had a one bedroom apt. and his crib and dresser where in my room, I would sit up in bed at night by myself and wonder what this precious little baby would be like and how I would enjoy all the "first" things he would do and say and I was so very happy. I was never that happy in my life. I wondered what he would look like and what he would smell like and I couldn't wait to touch him and kiss his little face and just watch him grow each day from this tiny little person. My daughter had most of her "firsts" and someone else saw it and touched and kissed her and watched her grow from this tiny little person to this beautiful little 16 month old. As the wait for TA's is getting longer and longer, it's the other person that is still watching my daughter grow and I am still heart broken. I am grateful for the other "mother" that is taking care of our little girl until we can get to her, but it still hurts.

So, lets hope and pray that we hear that TA's are rolling in and all of us can go and get our children to try to catch some of those "firsts"

Here is to a wonderful New Year


Marilyn, Paul, PJ, & Chris said...

Hi Lisa,

Found my way to your blog. My heart aches for your sadness. It wasn't very long ago that I, too, felt exactly the same way. Almost helpless. Hating that a govt. a gazillion miles away held my emotions hostage for so long. Hang in there. You are so close. and when TA comes, things go at a rapid pace.

What I promise you is that when you get home and your whole family is gathered before you, you will feel such joy (like you did with your son) and you will have peace. Each night as I check on my THREE sleeping children, I have such happiness I'm overwhelmed. It will be that way for you too.

All the best,


SBird said...

Hi Lisa,

So glad to hear that your TA is close...our PA is only 8 days after yours, but Stacey said we probably won't make it in before, it looks like March for us. I know what you mean about the sadness of waiting.

Hang in there and Happy New Year to you and your family!

lara said...

Happy New Year Lisa and family,sorry you were so upset ,it wont be long though and you can kiss those cheeks and go through many other firsts with LilyRose .