Sunday, January 07, 2007

Round 2

Ok, we survived round 2. Last night (Saturday) we had the family over for Joseph's birthday. I would say we had about 20 people here. My son had a really good time. We made him wait to open his presents and it was the funniest. I told him he had to wait until AFTER cake and coffee. So he sat on the floor in front of his presents for like an hour. Finally it was time for him to open them and he was crazy. He got a lot of good things. His favorite is the Mini Pool Table my mother gave him (it also has a top for playing air hockey). I think he was up until like 1 am shooting pool. He got up really early today and played more pool. Then we had to go and do the returns and use the gift cards he got. So, all in all he is really enjoying his birthday. The best part, his birthday is not until Tuesday. We will have a few more people over on Tuesday night and then that is it. 8 years old and 3 parties later, I think that's enough. Until Tuesday....

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